Gimmer, a Crypto Platform Introduces its Trading Bots

Gimmer, a Crypto Platform Introduces its Trading Bots

July 19, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

Gimmer, an automated crypto platform announces its new service which uses trading bots to make any calculated decisions so that anyone can be involved in the world of cryptocurrency. As a decentralized trading platform, the recent trading bots allows the user to trade any cryptocurrency by using advanced trading bots that do not require any programming skills.

With the platform’s plug and play style, users can simply make an account, and the newly equipped trading bots will do all the work. The gimmer platform is not only useful for users with previous experience but also useful for those who don’t have. The platform works by connecting the crypto exchange through API and then make use of the trading bots. It is also expected that AI Bots will be used to make trades, on behalf of the user.

With the recent move done by the platform, it is expected to see its benefits to the users as well as to the company. The platform was launched when the founder realized investing and trading regarding cryptocurrencies is a complex and a waste of time process. According to the platform’s founder, making money and having success with trading does not only requires skills and knowledge, but it also requires luck.

With the recent hacks and incidents that happen to some cryptocurrency exchanges, the platform is taking into considerations the safety of its users. Furthermore, the company also ensures that with the high volatile cryptocurrencies, they are prepared for all the possible risk of thefts. Gimmer also advised all those who want to get involved in monitoring their trades constantly.

Although it seems not practical, the platform is doing its best to help all interested users to take part in the revolution and to achieve the activities they need to achieve. Gimmer though is not the only trading platform. However, according to Gimmer, the unique features they have is their trading bots. When compared to other trading platforms, Gimmer does not require its users to program the bots.

The latest move of the platform where it introduces its new trading bots, it provides its user to customize the bots and choose the range of bots they want to trade. With the Gimmer platform, it is also possible for the users to receive loans from the currency and monitor the market. Users can also the backtests of the platform to test the strategies and allow them to trade without the real currency.

For beginners, the company also provides them with the chance to purchase strategies from the expert trades. While for the experts in bot-making, can have the chance to get paid for delivering service to the trading platform community. Gimmer platform also aims to deliver assistance to all of its users. With the newest features made on the platform, the company strives to improve its platform further to offer quality trading services better. The super easy to use Gimmer platform is a friendly platform for all of its users.