A Teen Earns About $50M Selling NFTs

A Teen Earns About $50M Selling NFTs

June 6, 2022 Off By Roland Guirdonan

NBC announced in its honor of Pride Month article that teen Victor Langlois has earned nearly $50 million selling NFT versions of his artwork.

Victor (FEWOCiOUS)

According to the article, Victor initially made headlines in June 2021 when he sold five sets of actual NFT artworks for a total of $2.16 million at Christie’s auction house.

“Hello, I’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS), and This Is My Life” was a compilation of his childhood and gender transition.

Since then, the 19-year-old artist has sold further paintings on NFT marketplaces. He has progressively become a household figure in the space, selling about $20 million in NFTs in 24 hours on Nifty Gateway. According to Fortune, this was the third-largest sale on the NFT marketplace.

The teen, also known as FEWOCiOUS, told Fortune about his struggles growing up as a transgender child: “It’s been hard for me to process, to be honest.”

In addition, Langlois argued that living with his grandparents was not much better than being in an abusive environment. “I thought I’d be safe, but they were just as rude,” says FEWOCiOUS in an interview with Esquire.

He also told the magazine that he was afraid of coming out because his family is religious. He also expressed how his grandmother couldn’t understand his decision to pursue painting:

“I believe she was so distressed that she simply desired stability.”

Additionally, the teen said that she was surprised to learn that he wanted to study art. ‘Become a lawyer.’ That, he understands. But it hurt when she said things like, “Your art is ugly, which is why you can’t do it,” says FEWOCiOUS.