Hackers Steal $1.5 Million Worth of Moonbirds NFTs

Hackers Steal $1.5 Million Worth of Moonbirds NFTs

May 27, 2022 Off By Roland Guirdonan

Hackers stole 29 Moonbirds NFTs worth $1.5 million by tricking a user into signing a fraudulent transaction with phishing links.

Hackers Steal $1.5 Million Worth of Moonbirds NFTs
Moonbirds NFTs 

During a phishing attempt on May 24, 29 Moonbirds worth 750 Ethereum (ETH), around $1.5 million, were stolen from their owner, DigitalOrnithologist. 

Moonbirds is an NFT collection with over 10,000 PFPs of cartoon-style owls. Investors are given access to the “PROOF community” and can “nest” their NFT owls to earn prizes and future benefits. 

According to a tweet by @CirrusNFT on May 25, the victim lost their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) after clicking on a malicious link provided by a scammer. 

The victim then submits sensitive information to the site or grants the site access to their financial information (wallets, bank accounts, etc.), and the attacker steals the victim’s funds. 

A Twitter user by the pseudonym of @0xLosingMoney said that the person behind the phishing attack has been identified. According to the tweet, a person identified as @DVincent_ was linked to the hoax.

However, he then deleted his account. @0xLosingMoney shared a screenshot of the account as well as the website where the hacker allegedly stole the 29 Moonbirds NFTs. 

Moreover, the hacker approached the victim and offered to exchange NFTs through the p2peers.io website, which has since been removed. The victim visited the website and approved the hacker’s wallet, allowing the hacker to take the victim’s NFTs. 

Another Twitter account by the handle of @CirrusNFT stated,

“Sounds like the scammer linked the victim to a bogus trading site and got him to sign a faulty transaction.”

Note that the NFT space has been subjected to numerous hacking and phishing attacks over recent months. Hackers stole millions of dollars’ worth of NFTs from the NFT marketplaces and also from Axie Infinity’s Ronin Network, which had almost $615 million worth of ETH to a hacker in March.