New Cryptocurrency for Seniors Emerges

New Cryptocurrency for Seniors Emerges

June 17, 2018 Off By Sindy Thompson

The rise of digital currency doesn’t forget to care for the elderly. Seniors would be happy to know the launch of GladAge as it offers them an easy and fast way of getting into a senior care home. This new cryptocurrency has a set of requirements for the seniors that they should follow to acquire the benefits of having this coin.

Elder people now have the edge in finding the care homes that suit their health preference. It diminishes the struggle of the older people in seeking medical attention that is due for them. The GladAge currency makes this possible by being an excellent senior ecosystem that aims to give a helping hand to all seniors in need of help.

Much older adult’s today face the huge problem of insufficient number or lack of care homes to address their health needs. Glad gives support by offering ways to solve the problem areas with the purpose of giving the best options for incentives, caregivers, and healthcare assistance. The solutions are its primal stage, but people hope it would make a big difference in the lives of the elderly.

The elders have the freedom to act independently through the information coming from the blockchain technology. It sets the person to be in control of the important things he or she needs by selecting the right equipment for the health service, choosing the available caregiver who is perfect for the job, making a comfortable purchase of medicines and other basic needs. Using the platform is not only a big help for them, but it also gives them the chance to have a happy life even during the golden years.

GladAge is open for usage under the GAC token that has compatible formats that benefit the aging populace. A presale is still on the go until May 30. The early adopters of the token have a %25 discount that gives them a cool way to manage their savings. Recent reports state there are 500 million tokens for the people, activities for the elderly and the acquiring of elderly services.

Furthermore, there is also an opportunity to use the best options for selecting diverse health care services depending on the preference of the seniors. As of now, the plan is on a swift route in making the lives of the old people convenient and happy. It gives hope and promise of a decent lifestyle they want and deserves to have.