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Source : Ayo News

Decentraland, the blockchain-based virtual social world, is set to host the world’s first-ever multi-day music festival held in the metaverse from 21–24 October.

The Metaverse Festival will feature over 80 artists, including Deadmau5, Paris Hilton (alongside a very special surprise guest), Flume, 3LAU, Nina Nesbitt, RAC, and dozens of other global artists across the musical spectrum.

Major sponsors, including RaribleHeinekenMetapursePlayboyMonkey Shoulder and Kraken, are helping to bring the Metaverse Festival to life. Throughout the four days, festival attendees will enter free of charge and enjoy a multisensory experience that, in addition to the incredible line-up of musical acts across five different stages, also includes VIP areas, a fun fair (complete with roller coaster, ferris wheel and pirate ship rides), a human cannonball machine, a psychedelic sculpture garden, a merch store for NFT wearables, and even portable toilets – each one a unique destination in its own right.

The theme of the Metaverse Festival is Evolution, as the event will evolve in multifaceted ways over the four days. Each day, the main stage will change, from ‘Water’ on the first day, to Earth on the second, Space on Day 3, and the finale – Metaverse. The main stage will change to reflect these sub themes, with spectacular architectural designs having been developed by community teams from Decentraland.

Another custom build will be the Paris Hilton avatar, created by the team at avatar technology company Genies, in its first-ever collaboration with Decentraland. Of the performance, Jake Becker, Head of Talent Relations at Genies said, “Paris kickstarting her Genies journey with a virtual performance in Decentraland is quintessential Paris Hilton. She’s a queen amongst culture, blockchain and now the metaverse.” Hilton will DJ tracks wearing outfits designed by her surprise guest, making his metaverse fashion debut.

“The Metaverse Festival is really the culmination of long-standing support of music, artists, and live performance in Decentraland,” said Sam Hamilton, Head of Community & Events at the Decentraland Foundation. “It’s a celebration of music and culture in the virtual social world, but also a recognition that the metaverse has arrived as a viable, irresistible and profitable space for creative people, whatever their medium or background.”

The Metaverse Festival marks the dawn of a new era, not only for Decentraland and its mission to drive deeper integrations of our daily lives with the metaverse, but one that enables the forging of a new kind of relationship between entertainers and their fans. This free-to-enter festival will showcase decentralized blockchain technology, and how it empowers disparate peoples, no matter where they are, to experience a brand new way for humans to interact with each other and our digital environments.

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AYO.NEWS says:

This is clearly Decentraland’s most ambitious entertainment projects yet, and certainly has plenty of heavyweight talent supporting it. Deadmau5, in particular, seems pretty enthusiastic about the meteverse, having established Pixelynx with fellow electronic musician Plastikman earlier this year. Mind you, Paris Hilton isn’t a stranger to the world of NFTs either – she sold a picture of her pussy (cat) as a non-fungible token for $17,500 worth of Ethereum last year. 

Source : Ayo