October 18, 2021 Off By Steven Anderson

Source : Ayo News

XSET, the US-based gaming and lifestyle brand, has announced the beta launch of StreamJ, a new digital rights management (DRM) and license-free music platform specifically designed for gaming streamers and creators. 

StreamJ allows gamers and streamers to use the platform’s extensive catalogue of tracks in their content or live streaming, without worrying about DCMA or licensing issues. XSET’s roster of pro players, streamers, and talent have also begun using music from StreamJ across their own platforms. 

Serving as the official launch partner and featured label for StreamJ is PRTL, a centralised space for DMCA-free music, spanning multiple genres, founded by entrepreneur and former pro game Adam Schmidt and hip hop artist and entrepreneur MC Serch. 

Regarding the launch of StreamJ, Clinton Sparks, Grammy award-winning producer and Chief Business Development Officer of XSET, said: “We are proud to be able to assist in helping to resolve the ongoing frustration that gamers and streamers have of not being able to play or add music to their streams, montages, etc. Music is a big part of gamer and streamer culture, and one without the other limits self- expression. It also prohibits new artists and their music from being exposed to new audiences – for FREE. Being able to provide emerging new artists’ music to streamers is a WIN / WIN / WIN. Streamers get to discover, use, and work with new music, artists get their music and brand exposed while building income, and the audience has a better experience.”

While MC Serch commented: “We were listening to this new wave of music, and were saying to ourselves ‘What about country, or reggaeton, or bossa nova?’ so we created PRTL as a way for music fans who want to vibe out to amazing tracks with the ability to do so in whatever genre they love. In the future, you’ll see the addition of even more, including explosive new upcoming artists rapping over some of our tracks. There is so much more to come!”

Adam Schmidt, founder of PRTL, added: “PRTL was created to remove the obstacles many face when using music in their content. PRTL’s biggest differentiator is simple: our music sounds amazing. In fact, it is so amazing you would want it to be played anywhere and everywhere- in lounges, coffee shops, restaurants, while entertaining friends at home or listening to our lofi bossa nova during dinner. It is elevated lofi music for the masses – to enjoy carefree. We created PRTL so everyone would have a genre they love to listen to.”

StreamJ will be updated regularly with new music from both top and up-and-coming artists who want to bring music and gaming closer together. Users can find StreamJ on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

While the majority style of PRTL’s music catalog is Lofi, the platform offers a wide range of categories to listen to, from Lofi Hip Hop, Lofi Bossa Nova, Lofi Country, Lofi Chill Hop, Indie Rock, Lofi Reggeaton, Lofi Dance Hall, Sythwave, and more.

Staying with XSET and music, last month the organisation partnered with Roland, one of the world’s best-known electronic music equipment companies, for Drop the Bass, a clothing collaboration celebrating the cultural impact of the TR-808 drum machine.

Source : Ayo