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FACEIT, the competitive online gaming platform, has joined forces with Ukraine-based esports organisation Natus Vincere (NAVI) to improve fan engagement and talent scouting. 

By leveraging the tools available on the FACEIT platform, NAVI, which is currently home to the #1 HLTV ranked CS:GO roster, is aiming to provide fans with new ways to compete online, support their favorite esports brand, and even kick start pro careers. 

Among the various programs and initiatives set to be launched over the coming months is the NAVINATION Hub – a system of private CS:GO leagues, managed by NAVI. The hub will enable players of all skill levels, from across the CIS region, to play, compete, improve, win prizes, and get on the radar of NAVI’s talent scouts. 

Every month, the best 20 players from the top league will be invited to take part in the qualifier for the FPL Challenger, giving them a shot at competing in a league that has given rise to some of the world’s greatest Counter-Strike pros. The leagues will benefit from FACEIT’s anti-cheating technology and 24/7 moderation, coupled with low latency servers, to ensure a fair and smooth competitive experience for all players.

NAVI has said that although the initial project is focused on competitive play and talent scouting, further initiatives will be launched focusing on fan engagement and content creation.

Regarding the collaboration, Cristian Duca, Senior Partnerships Manager, FACEIT, said: “Our partnership with NAVI is a perfect example of how organisations can use FACEIT tools to create bespoke experiences for their communities, increase fan engagement, and find new ways to scout the next generation of talent for their teams. Partnering with and supporting esport organizations is core within our mission, being esport organizations a key element for the whole ecosystem and we are particularly proud to enter into an official partnership with NAVI, an internationally renowned brand with one of the most impressive legacies in esports.”

Yevhen Zolotarov, NAVI CEO, added: “Our partnership with FACEIT is extremely valuable on both a commercial, and product level. Thanks to the platform we are able to unlock new revenue streams from sponsorship sales, and we’ve also gained new powerful instruments to scout new talent for our academy rosters, and to engage with our fanbase in a different and unique ways.”

NAVINATION Hub is now available on FACEIT for all CS:GO players playing from the CIS region via a monthly subscription of $3.99. For more information on NAVINATION HUB, head to faceit.com.

Staying with NAVI, in August the organisation announced a partnership with cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform Bybit.

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Source : Ayo