October 12, 2021 Off By Steven Anderson

Source : Ayo News

Juked, the esports and gaming focused social platform, has partnered with non-profit organisation Queer Women of Esports (QWE) to fight toxicity. 

The partnership will see Juked’s upcoming app enable fans to discuss topics, including toxicity in online gaming, in-depth. According to Juked, its new app will employ comprehensive verification along with an invite system, while its user content policy and code of conduct will incorporate the Keystone Code, and AnyKey’s definition of harassment and discrimination. 

Interestingly, in describing plans for how its new app will maintain a healthier atmosphere, Juked states: “We remember a time before social media, where forums were the de-facto place for online communities and discussion.

“On forums, you recognized familiar faces. You could have deep conversations about the things you were passionate about. Spammers and trolls would get the banhammer, never to be seen again. That’s in stark contrast to modern social media, where hot takes are the norm, nuanced conversations are few and far between, and a sea of anonymous users define the conversation.

“With the Juked app, we’re building a new place where your esports identity lives. A place where you feel a sense of home and camaraderie with like-minded fans, where you can express your opinion, and where you can have conversations without fear of toxicity and repercussions.”

Queer Women of Esports will also be be advising Juked regarding app functions, diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives. Juked has also made a donation to QWE, and pledged to continue to do so quarterly. 

Gillian ‘Kendryx’ Langland, COO of Queer Women of Esports, commented: “Increasing diversity and inclusion in esports is core to our mission at Queer Women of Esports, so when Juked reached out we were excited to consult and as they build a more open, less toxic environment for esports discussion we were excited to get on board. This has been long overdue in the current landscape and we’re thrilled to be involved.”

AYO.NEWS says:

As anyone who’s a regular online gamer knows, the space can certainly be toxic at times, and the root causes seem to run extremely deep. So, while we applaud this initiative, we can’t help but wonder if the focus really needs to be on raising the standards of parenting and state education, so that young people grow up with less venom in them in the first place. But, then again, it’s a Friday afternoon and I’m probably being a bit of a dreamer. Ah… the days of the online forum 🙂

Source : Ayo