CPS Live Ltd in partnership with CoinPayments and Syscoin “CPS Coin”

CPS Live Ltd in partnership with CoinPayments and Syscoin “CPS Coin”

May 24, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

CPS Live Ltd., in partnership with CoinPayments and Syscoin, is taking the enormous success achieved in payment processing and blockchain technology and applying it to a new venture: CPS Coin.

Introduction to CPS Coin

CPS Coin is a utility token built specifically for CoinPayments, used to facilitate instant transactions within the CoinPayments platform. CPS Coin being integral to the CoinPayments system, will enable merchants and users to benefit from fee discounts and rebates, staking rewards and access to discounted allocations of ICO hosted by CoinPayments.

CPS Coin is proud to be the first asset built on the Syscoin blockchain. Syscoin offers one of the most advanced ecommerce infrastructures on the market, allowing CoinPayments to leverage these features to bring numerous benefits and rewards to its users and merchants. CPS Coin was created to coincide with the launch of BlockMarket, a decentralized marketplace that enables customers to transact directly, without an intermediary.

By using the Syscoin platform, CoinPayments merchants will benefit from many of the features already developed by Syscoin including instant transactions made possible by the innovative Z-DAG “zero confirmation” transaction settlement technology, as well as near zero network transaction fees and optional masternode capabilities.

With CPS Coin merchants and users of the CoinPayments platform will benefit from:

  • Instant Transactions: Transacting with CPS Coin will offer instant transaction confirmations through innovative Syscoin technology (Z-Dag)
  • Discounted CoinPayments Fees: 50% off merchant processing fees and a 50% rebate in CPS Coin when paying conversion and network fees
  • Rewards Program: Earn monthly rewards by staking your CPS Coins
  • Exclusive ICO Access: Users will have access to use CPS Coin to buy into exclusive allocations of CoinPayments hosted ICOs
  • ICO Hosting Benefits: Stake your CPS Coin during your ICO escrow period to earn rewards
  • Coin Hosting Discount: 50% discount on CoinPayments coin hosting and renewal fees when paying with CPS Coin

CPS coin Airdrop is in effect until August 1st, 2018 – CoinPayments is offering 100 free CPS Coins to all existing and newly registered accounts. Users will gain an additional 25 CPS Coins per referral through the CoinPayments affiliate link program https://www.coinpayments.net/help-affil

For more information on the CPS Coin ICO and how you can join visit https://coinpaymentscoin.com/

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