“Kakushin is the much awaited platform for innovations and  innovators” says crypto expert Sydney Ifergan

“Kakushin is the much awaited platform for innovations and innovators” says crypto expert Sydney Ifergan

May 21, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

ICO expert Sydney Ifergan is ardently endorsing latest crypto platform Kakushin which is aimed to support innovation and innovators with better access to funding and optimal marketplace to ensure an evolving and sustainable world.

Cyprus, may 21th, 2018: Crypto community expert Sydney Ifergan has recently joined as the senior advisor for path breaking cryptocurrency platform Kakushin Ecosystem and he is immensely excited about the latest crypto venture. Kakushin represents a revolutionary decentralized innovation and intellectual property-driven ecosystem that will help innovators to find access to funding and unlock their creativity for a better and more sustainable world.

Kakushin has already launched its pre-sale which will continue till May 31, 2018. The KKN (Kakushin token) price during pre-token sale is $0.03.

“We need to go through constant evolution to ensure sustainability and it’s the innovators who are the vanguards of growth. But unfortunately, people are initially apprehensive to new ideas and innovators are often denied of the needed fund support required to bring their creative ground-breaking ideas to light. And this is where Kakushin comes to the rescue. It’s the much awaited platform for innovations and innovators”, stated Mr. Ifergan while talking about the Kakushin platform.

The ICO expert endorses Kakushin’s mission to assist all innovators develop their creative ideas into viable reality. The platform will empower innovators and inventors through easy access to funding for their research & development activities. Not only that, Kakushin will also extend an optimum marketplace for them where they can sell their innovative products to consumers.

“Put simply, Kakushin holds the ‘key’ to unlock the doors of seamless opportunities by creating an optimum ecosystem where researchers, innovators, developers, seekers and inventors can conveniently give birth to their innovative ideas and nurture them so that they can evolve into viable ready-to-use products. Thanks to Kakushin, innovators and inventors now won’t have to go through sleepless nights worrying over funding and they will be able to focus more on what they do best- developing futuristic solutions for a better world.”

Speaking further, Mr. Ifergan championed the state of the art benefits assured by Kakushin-

  • Benefits for innovative product creators– Kakushin will enable innovation product creators to enjoy convenient access to new audiences and sources of funding. They will also be able to get in touch with different advisors and enrich their projects further with expert insights- whilst cutting down on overhead costs along the way.
  • Benefits for innovation backers– With Kakushin, for the first time, innovation backers will be getting the great opportunity to receive value equity in return for their payments and gain access to wider range of projects.
  • Benefits for innovation advisors and moderators– Kakushin will enable innovation advisors, moderators & specialists worldwide to receive value in return of their contribution to innovative projects.
  • Benefits for the country, economy and citizens: Innovative products not only help in solving an ever existing issue but also bring so much subtle and evident changes in society, culture, and economy and trade practice of a country which most of the time is under-appreciated or unintentionally ignored. New products means new , new setup, new jobs, new talents, new channels, new avenues of earnings, and new avenues for research development and lead the world. 

For more information, please visit https://www.kakushin.tech/.