Bitbose signs up ICO expert Mark Kreimerman as technical advisor

Bitbose signs up ICO expert Mark Kreimerman as technical advisor

May 17, 2018 Off By Rob Logan

Bitbose has come up as the most advanced crypto exchange that presents an absolute platform for complete crypto banking solution. The platform assures fairest and lowest exchange rate.

Senior ICO expert Mark Kreimerman has recently joined latest AI-powered crypto platform Bitbose as Senior Technical Advisor. Bitbose represents the smartest & most transparent cryptocurrency and the most advanced crypto exchange in the current digital currency industry. Developed on Ethereum blockchain, the company also stands out with the guarantee of faster funds transfer as well as lowest and fairest exchange rates.

“What made me join Bitbose is its futuristic outlook towards ensuring a much secured, stronger and more credible approach towards e-investments. Bitbose extends a one-stop platform for all your investments that bridges the gap between the different inconsistencies plaguing the present unstable financial market. Put simply, Bitbose is the next big thing in the crypto market and I am really excited to be a part of it”, stated Mr. Kreimerman while asked to speak a few words about his recent joining in Bitbose.

Part of the uniqueness of Bitbose lays in its versatile usability. This 100% decentralized cryptocurrency can be used for a number of things other than just trading or purchase of services and goods.

“One of the best parts of Bitbose is that you can use it in diverse ways, including mining, staking, portfolio management, crypto & fiat loans and of course trading. In each case, you will experience powerful returns over time.”

Bitbose is much more that regular crypto wallet or bank crypto card. In fact, Bitbose extends a cutting-edge single unified platform that can assure comprehensive crypto banking solution, right from investment platforms to full-fledged payment solutions for businesses based on blockchain technologies.

Mr. Kreimerman is a senior blockchain advisor, ICO expert, CTO , technical expert and is backed by nearly 20 years of experience in high level management. A name of big repute in the current crypto and business world, he comes with a robust technical & business leadership record in various areas including blockchain, R&D management, system architecting

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