Trace Network Offers an Extremely Rare Brew as World’s First Craft Beer NFT

Trace Network Offers an Extremely Rare Brew as World’s First Craft Beer NFT

September 28, 2021 Off By Steven Anderson

Source : Ayo News


Trace Network Labs, which recently announced its foray into the world of NFT and Metaverse, is bringing its first among many Lifestyle items that can be carried to ANY metaverse. Trace has onboarded Vietnam’s award-winning 7 Bridges Brewing Company to launch limited-edition craft beer NFTs that will be metaverse-ready.

Considered one of Asia’s most innovative craft breweries, 7 Bridges Brewing Company has created the iNFTy range of beer which will be limited to only 110 bottles. Out of these, 99 bottles of extremely rare Grand Cru beer will be tokenized and made available to those who own the NFTs. The remaining 11 bottles will be held as brewer’s reserve.

The NFT Beer

As a part of the collaboration, Trace Network will introduce 99 unique 3D object artworks created by 7 Bridges as NFTs, each representing a bottle of extremely rare beer brewed from a special recipe that will never be used again.

Each NFT artwork representing a bottle of iNFTy Craft Beer is unique and numbered. The artworks capture the deeper meaning of its numeral, drawing inspiration from history, science, pop culture and mysticism. The corresponding bottle, represented by the NFT will feature the unique artwork label and be cellared in ideal conditions until physically claimed by the owner.

Owning the NFT

To own the treasured bottles of 7 Bridges iNFTy craft beer, users have to participate in the upcoming global auction on Trace Network’s Bling platform – a luxury and lifestyle NFT marketplace. The auction winners will not only become eligible to gain possession of the extremely rare beer and enjoy it but also carry them into any metaverse. They can also trade or transfer these NFTs like any other ERC token.

Enabling an Experience

Trace Network Lab’s partnership with 7 Bridges Brewing Company is the latest in a string of collaborations with premium lifestyle brands the platform has forged in recent days.

Trace aims to enable the metaverse “residents” gain limitless experience in different virtual worlds by helping them use “wearable” and “consumable” luxury & lifestyle NFTs that are created by brands as a digitized version of their real-world products offerings.

By enabling brands to create NFTs and cater to the metaverse users’ aspiration to own their products not only in the physical but also the virtual world, Trace Network has become the de-facto gateway between these two worlds for luxury and lifestyle products.

Source : Ayo