May 11, 2018 Off By Rob Logan

I, Didi Taihuttu, took a risk because I had time to think about the future and how blockchain and Bitcoin would change the world. As you all now the risk I took turned out fine. I also took time to look at the future of drones and  how they are changing a lot at the moment. In my opinion drones will be used much more for all kinds of work in the near future and thats why i joined the DEEPAERO team.  Drones referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), aircraft without any pilot aboard. Originally for military applications alone nonetheless, their use has rapidly expanded to commercial, recreational scientific and other applications. Recently, drones have gained recognition and acceptance over the years by civilians and business owners in different sectors.

However, many business owners have adopted drones in running their business especially in high-risk areas, in Agriculture, commercial businesses (supply chain), construction and related industries (inspections of buildings, pipelines, wind turbines, electrical pylons, solar farms and offshore platforms).

Nonetheless, for large companies to maximize drones; there is a need to integrate them into their workflow and computer systems. To get the best out of drones, you need an Blockchain driven Artificial intelligence (AI) to program and manage their flight routes in real-time and to achieve drone automation. Moreover, a drone’s single flight can generate as much as 100 gigabytes of data which a co nation of blockchain and AI can handle without any hassle.

Problem Statement

Admittedly, in the near future millions of commercial drones will swarm our skies because of the cost, and time efficiency they bring to commercial activities ranging from precision agriculture, infrastructure inspection, surveillance, traffic monitoring to the delivery of goods and services. Also for high-risk activities, like infrastructure inspection, wind turbine farm inspection etc.

Consequently, Current air traffic flow management and airspace management systems may not handle some drone operations in the future. In addition, the traffic density of drones is beyond the abilities of the present air traffic management systems.


Certainly, employing an intelligent, autonomous and self-governing system (AI) to manage high volume drone traffic, that adheres to regulations of the jurisdiction in which the UTM (Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Traffic Management) platform has been deployed. Specifically, this platform will ensure that the drone traffic does not disrupt manned air traffic and will use blockchain to verify pilot certification, Identify drone management, drone Operator, and drone Owner.

Additionally, this platform will have features like dynamic geo-fencing, terrain avoidance, congestion management, route planning, separation management, re-routing, , contingency management, sequencing, and UAV pilot certification using blockchain. However, the platform would need to make autonomous decisions like changing routes (re-planning flight path) of drones on the fly, if there’s a change in airspace restrictions due to an emergency or due to other factors.

Obviously, doing this for hundreds of drones flying in an area manually will be a nightmare. Moreover, while this automatic change in flight path happens for hundreds or thousands of drones, the platform would have to ensure that these drones do not collide with each other, and can automatically avoid skyscrapers and other infrastructures in real-time.

Furthermore, the platform would also have to make contingency management decisions in real-time; if there’s a sudden change in meteorological conditions, or there’s an emergency like a fire breakout in its path, or the drone loses contact with the platform due to the failure of sensors. Certainly, an AI will have to manage all these processes efficiently. Finally, intelligence and autonomy levels of the platform will be a function of the sophistication of our AI module.

I hope you understand why I think the use of drones will be huge in the coming years and how DEEPAERO will provide this unique innovative service the support this amazingly rapidly growing technology. I would love you to have a look at this fast moving ICO train or drone and join me on this flight.