Sydney Ifergan joins as senior advisor in smartest and fastest cryptocurrency BitBose

Sydney Ifergan joins as senior advisor in smartest and fastest cryptocurrency BitBose

May 6, 2018 Off By Sindy Thompson

BitBose is a next-gen AI-powered ERC20 cryptocurrency which assures fastest and easiest fund transfer and transaction with Lowest & Fairest exchange rate and can be used for various purposes beyond trading.

Place, Date: Crypto community honcho Sydney Ifergan has announced about his re- cent joining as a senior advisor in revolutionary AI-powered ERC20 cryptocurrency Bit- Bose. The latest cryptocurrency platform has introduced the most advanced crypto ex- change ever with the promise of asset turnover of $500 billion by 2025. It’s the smartest and fastest of all cryptocurrencies around which is 100% decentralized and assures var- ious uses for users other than simply trading & purchase of goods or services.

The BitBose platform has launched its pre-sales on march 4th, 2018 and it will continue till May 31, 2018. The BOSE token (BitBose) price at this stage is $0.25 and users will also receive a 50% bonus till the end of the private sale. BitBose accepts BTC, ETH and XRP payments.

Talking about BitBose, Mr. Ifergan defined it as the “Future of Crypto Investment”. Ac- cording to his statements, BitBose is all set to set a benchmark in the scene of crypto exchanges through the provision of a much powerful, secure & credible approach to- wards e-investments.

In his own words-

“Powered by Artificial Intelligence, BitBose is the MOST ADVANCED crypto exchange today. What intrigued me most about the new revolutionary crypto platform is its mis- sion to eliminate all the conventional inefficiencies of the present financial sector through its technically superior and incredible trading ecosystem. Developed by a dy- namic technical team and motivating leaders, BitBose extends epic investment solu- tions that will take your investment to new heights and reward you with incredible ROI over time. While other cryptocurrencies only allow trading & purchase of goods or ser- vices, BitBose assures myriad additional uses, including portfolio management, mining and staking. Besides, the platform also promises low fees and a very user-friendly, reli- able and secured interface over web or app for transactions.”

BitBose commands a special space in the crypto industry with its series of unique fea- tures-

Aims to remove all cross boundaries limitations between various currencies and crypto assets with guaranteed Lowest & Fairest exchange rate & immediate ex- changes
Backed by futuristic Artificial Intelligence technology and next-gen Unique Cred- it scoring system to allow faster and easier fund transfer & transaction

Fair profit sharing
Multilayer authentication system to ensure authenticity of each user
One unified platform that can provide comprehensive crypto banking solution, right from investment platform to full-fledged payment solutions for businesses utilizing blockchain technologies
Mobile friendly technology for convenient crypto banking while on the go

“In one line, BitBose leverages the power of Blockchain to eliminate the inconsistencies plaguing the present unstable market space and arrives as the one-stop platform for all your investment needs.”

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