HeDge Trade (HEDGE) on the Best Market Makers for Crypto

HeDge Trade (HEDGE) on the Best Market Makers for Crypto

October 11, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

HeDge Trade recently published about the Best Market Makers for crypto.  Market making in cryptocurrency industry is different from market makers in the traditional finance industry. Some fundamentals are there, but the market-making opportunities in cryptocurrency space are different. 

HEDGE Trade explored the top crypto market making providers of 2020. They also clarified on what market makers are about and how the traditional market makers are different from the crypto counterparts, and about why the trading industry needs to have them both.

HeDge Trade tweeted:  “In real estate, the saying goes, “Location, location, location.” In crypto and DeFi markets, it’s more like “Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity.”

Market making is about creating more markets for the traders to be able to buy and sell assets eventually increasing liquidity. Traders keep a close watch in the market for an opportunity and when they see an opportunity, they trade immediately.  Traders go to market makers to find the right opportunity, otherwise, they have to identify a corresponding buyer or seller of the same asset for the same price, same time, and eventually wait for the order to be filled. 

The time waiting for the order to be filled creates lot of staking problems.  The level of the liquidity decreases, lower liquidity leads to higher trading costs, lower volumes lead to lack of liquidity eventually spoiling investor confidence.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “HeDge Trade (HEDGE) are very clear about the importance of market makers.  Irrespective of differences in trends, market makers are here to stay in a new form, because the need for liquidity never ends.”

HeDge Trade (HEDGE) on Market in the Making for Crypto

The crypto currency market runs round the clock.  It operates 24/7. Also most of the market makers list “24/7 monitoring” made possible by their own experts and it is advantageous for them.

Exchanges which particularly deal with cryptocurrency have grown and liquidity is a sign of the stability of the token.  With there being too much of tokens and too much exchanges and too much of crypto products by the day, traders are looking at market makers for liquidity.

Understanding the importance of crypto market makers who have filled a huge requirement in the rapidly advancing crypto markets, HEDGE Trade have listed a few of them as top market-making providers and they call then clear choices for projects and investors who can help identify opportunities for investors.  Traders might have to exert their discretion in going to the recommendations though.