TRON TRX Justin Sun is all about JUST Very Recently the Show Keeps Running

TRON TRX Justin Sun is all about JUST Very Recently the Show Keeps Running

April 11, 2020 Off By Rob Logan

Justin Sun Claims that the Tron Network is the largest Dapp ecosystem and that JUST is built on the TRON network. He stated that JUST is set to provide transparent financial services for users from across the world, making it easy to use for people from across the globe.

The potential to gather users is crucial for any blockchain network.  The Tron Foundation, many believe, creates all the Dapps. And, some think that TRON bought Steemit for their user base and its potential to bring in more users.

Mike McCarthy, a Tron and BitTorrent enthusiast, tweeted:  “TRON wins again – even without BitTorrent stats included.”

Investors are left to wondering if TRON will continue with its positive price trend in the near-term.

Justin Sun is all about JUST very recently. For those who are not aware of JUST, it is the new stable coins lending platform.  Users should be staking TRX to generate USDJ at JUST.  The USDJ can be withdrawn, and it can be used as any other stable coin. The $JST holders will be able to govern the USDJ currency system.

Poloniex Launch Base recently published May 05, 2020, as their release date for the JST Token Sale.

Justin opines that DeFi has been growing over the past couple of years and that it is a new movement transforming the old financial system. DeFi, he states maintains price stability, provides for fast and efficient nearly free stable coin transfer, and as being available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

A Crypto Expert opined:  “Getting things clear about JST.  JST the platform utility token, USDJ is a stable coin given for loans.  JST will increase in value, but USDJ will not.  So, now I understood it all.  I am ready to hold JST and Manage the Platform!”

TRON (TRX) Sun on Why Choose JUST over Other Collateral Platforms

Justin Sun cites out reasons like world-class security by blockchain-based on smart contracts.  By holding JST, it will be possible to participate in managing the whole platform and platform access to a thriving ecosystem of TRON with hundreds of DApps.

Some feel yet another Token is ridiculous, but the fact that it is a stable coin adds some sense.  There are opinions that the TRON ecosystem already has a lot of products that need to be improved.

Lockdown or lock up Tron is active all along the way. They don’t find anything as a reason to stop anything.  The show keeps running for them.