January 17 BTC, ETH, XRP, ETC, and BNB Crypto Price Analysis, Crypto Rally Is Unstoppable

January 17 BTC, ETH, XRP, ETC, and BNB Crypto Price Analysis, Crypto Rally Is Unstoppable

January 19, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Yesterday, the performance of cryptocurrencies was obvious evidence that the crypto rally continues. As a starter, the crypto market leader Bitcoin (BTC) hits the $9,000 region, making its highest level back on November 11. As for the Ethereum (ETH), it battles with the same level traders have seen two months ago.

The cryptocurrency market capitalization has started in 2020, with about 27.55% rise in just a matter of 17 days. Not only that, altcoins led the rally, which outperformed the Bitcoin by a massive margin. So, this sounds for “altseason” for many traders.

Most major cryptos’ price actions deliver incredible signs of an uptrend.

Bitcoin’s 12% Price Increase

This week, traders saw a serious 12% increase in Bitcoin’s price. This translates that the crypto asset rise towards the $8,800 region. In fact, there’s a minor resistance level at $9,000, as expected by many. The price surge of BTC puts it on a strong bullish position as it approaches $10,000.

To be bearish, BTC needs to fall back at $7,000 region. In the case bulls will continue to push higher than $9,000 level, there will be, higher resistance level at $9,100 up to $9,245.

Ethereum’s Epic 12% Surge

On January 16th, Ethereum (ETH) hit immediate support at $157.50, showing that the bulls show no willingness for bigger improvement to buy. The crypto asset provided the traders with a 21% surge this week. Before ETH can turn bearish, it might need to bounce back the support at $133.50.

Interestingly, the ETH gained an overhead resistance at $173.841. Then, there’s a huge possibility for a rally at $197.75.

XRP’s 13% Total Increase

For XRP, this week can be a great one as it increased by $13%. The reason behind the increase is that it successfully passed resistance at $0.22 so that it could reach its present-day trading level at $0.232. 

In the case that bulls could break over $0.234, this suggests a rapid higher resistance level at $0.24. But, once XRP/USD sink below the invested head and shoulders pattern’s neckline as well as the bear successfully defended the h&s resistance level at $0.2454, the bullish view can be negated.

Ethereum Classic’s 95% Price Explosion

Over the past seven days, traders have seen a 95% price surge on Ethereum Classic (ETC). As a result, this crypto asset rise as high as $10. in fact, the past 24 hours alone surprised the traders as it surges over 30%.

This 2020, ETC delivered excellent performance, making it part of the top 10 cryptos. In the case that buyers push Ethereum Classic over the resistance level at $10.00, it will result in a higher resistance region at $11.10 and $11.75.

BNB’s 16.31 Bounce-Off

On January 16, Binance Coin (BNB) has seen with a $16.31 bounce off. Not only that, it broke over the minor overhead resistance level at $18.19. On the other hand, the altcoin’s failure to maintain the above $18.2 region is suggesting that buying can dry up at higher regions.

As for now, the cryptos displayed a continuous rally. But, things might change in the coming days.