Top Leading Crypto of the Week Revealed

Top Leading Crypto of the Week Revealed

January 7, 2020 Off By Rob Logan

Experts revealed the top five best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020

Cryptocurrency experts believe that the rising rates of digital currency will produce enormous wealth for investors this year. They expect BCH value to go up to $200,000 because half of the billionaires in the world will be from the world of crypto. They also foresee that a blockchain or privacy coin with integrated privacy features will be popular this year. 

  • BSV/ USD

BSV/USD have busted out of the downturn row and reached the initial fixed-resistance cost of $113.96. This breakout can push BSV and USD to the following target of $155.38. The moving standards are even, and there’s a considerable increase in the RSI that shows that the pressure in selling has minimized. 


This is considered the 2nd best performer cryptocurrency this week. The blockchain got an augment when Jarek Kakubcek, Europol strategy expert, stated that the exchanges done using this digital currency were hard to trace even after thorough study. This trait is positive. However, it will pose hurdles in the coming years to the regulators. 

XMR and USD have busted out of the downtrend row. This shows that the downtrend is over. The cost may go up to the moving standards that will serve as a struggle. The flattish moving standard point to a possible range bound achievement for a couple of weeks. 

The said breakout may carry the value of $100 and higher than it to USD121.427. So, traders are able to purchase at the existing levels as well as stay a stop loss of USD38. Once the value struggles, stops can be moved higher. 


ETC or also known as Ethereum Class was hailed as the 3rd best performer cryptocurrency in the past few days. It has a rally of approximately six percent. This suggests that the bulls have been purchasing at a lower level. 

The rally in this cryptocurrency has reached the twenty-week EMA. Beyond this point, a move to fifty weeks SMA is likely. An expert looks forward to the bears to go up as a powerful resistance at the fifty week SMA. Once the price goes down, it may stay range-bound for a couple of weeks. 


BCH was also the best performer this week, with a rally of five percent in previous days. The rally during the last days has brought the value to approximately USD227.01 to USD192.52 range. An expert looks forward to the bears to give stiff protection at this point. Flattish moving averages also show a range-bound activity for a couple of weeks. 


LEO/USD also makes it to the top with a rally of 4 percent in the last few days. On the 28th of December last year, Bitfinex tweeted, telling that it had finished the blazing of the initial ten million LEO tokens. 

LEO/USD had been continuously making new lows. This suggests that the bulls didn’t believe that the value had become striking for them to begin building up. But, near to USD0.80, experts find the initial indications of purchasing. There’s a bit downtrend line, on top of which, a rise to USD1.025 is likely.