PRG Coin operates on the Ethereum Platform

PRG Coin operates on the Ethereum Platform

January 3, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

The price of the PRG coin was up by 1.6% over the past seven days. Following a settlement with SEC, Paragon had agreed to register PRG tokens as securities. Paragon is continuing to work towards fulfilling the agreement with the SEC.  Several bottlenecks in the blockchain industry can get sorted using legal compliance.

Paragon coin tweeted: “We are a revolutionary new company, offering blockchain solutions for the legal cannabis industry.”

PRG Coin operates on the Ethereum Platform

The cannabis industry is cash-based, and it helps to have a regulated supply chain environment.  Nearly 55 billion USD worth in the retail cannabis market is left unbanked. The technology helps foster growth and support the unbanked cannabis sector. Conflict of interest within the industry in terms of data security and reliability can get fixed with the blockchain technology.

PRG token platform facilitates a b2b marketplace for cannabis.  The primary focus of the paragon platform is to connect everyone from cultivators, testers in the lab, distributors, manufacturers, dispensaries, and everyone who is a part of creating the decentralized marketplace.  The chain of custody of the product will be encrypted and stored in a secure and custom blockchain. Every licensee in the industry has a place in the paragon platform. The platform provides for efficiency and reliability.

The various stages in the lifetime of the plant get tracked during the cultivation process.  Several of these stages need to be logged in and reported.  Plant ID tags will get used. Every plant in the same lot will be efficiently adjusted. Everything from hours of labor, track of materials, and waste reporting will get considered.

PRG Coin B2B marketplace

The PRG token platform facilitates a b2b marketplace for cannabis-based products, which are verified.  Thus, facilitating qualitative assurance for the product, along with taxes and other applicable requirements throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Paragon Coin provides solutions, which cater to the cannabis industry.  Paragon focuses on the next generation of seed-to-sale tracking based on blockchain technology. Agriculture, healthcare, and retail sectors get vertically integrated into the blockchain software solution offered by Paragon coin.

The paragon ecosystem-based blockchain systems consist of modules suitable for manufacturing, transportation, distribution, cultivation, and testing.  Further, the platform facilitates improving transparency with advanced inventory management systems.

Paragon coin focuses on bringing the community together.  Therefore the software has been built in a way to facilitate mobility for the users.  The financial model got based on the transaction volume, and the PRG tokens can be used anywhere in the paragon ecosystem.  The tools consist of incredible features providing for license verification right from the seedling stage.