We Place Your Privacy First with Bitcoin Mix

We Place Your Privacy First with Bitcoin Mix

December 29, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

The concept of Bitcoin remains a mystery for many and a miracle for some. All those who have known and engaged with the cryptocurrencies understand the implications that it brings. A tricky ecosystem and a skeptical environment have added to the dilemmas of the sellers, investors and the buyers. However, one major problem that keeps most of them away from the game is risking their privacy.

Cryptocurrencies promised to provide anonymity to its users but it hasn’t quite lived up to that promise. The open ledger of the cryptocurrencies allows anyone to follow the transactions of the wallets of the users and it could easily lead to the revealed identity of the user. And, that’s exactly where we come in! Bitcoin mixer makes sure that your identity is secure. We use analysis-resistant algorithm to send untraceable Bitcoins to one or multiple recipients. Our mixing method makes sure that you remain anonymous.


The leak of any sort of Sensitive Financial information could do irreparable damage. Our services help you prevent it. You could use for p2p payments and donations. We mix the Bitcoins and give the recipient new fresh Bitcoins. We focus on making sure that the blender has the ability to confuse the trail. In this case, even if someone tries to trace your identity, he wouldn’t be able to do so and you would be able to mitigate the risks. A mixer is considered significant only if it promises utmost privacy. With us you can be sure that your sensitive and personal information is secure with us. In most cases, hackers try to do blockchain analysis for stealing private data. But here, we have got you covered.

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The transaction related information of Bitcoins are kept using public and private keys. These keys are long strings of numbers and letters that are linked through encrypted algorithm that was created at the same time while creating those Bitcoins. The public key serves as the address. Hence, this address can be easily traced down and manipulated according to hackers’ interest.

Ease of Access:

Bitcoin Mix is one such service that offers great Instant cryptocurrency mixing services to its users. Moreover, it is automated to help users utilize these services. With Bitcoin Mixer  you can anonymize not only Bitcoin(BTC), but also Litecoin(LTC) and Ethereum(ETH).

Security comes first

We do not store any logs or transaction history and we are always eager to help our users with their incomplete transactions. The e-mails and other contact details are also deleted in 24 hours after opening.

A trend that is gaining popularity so fast is surely here to stay! Try it yourself!