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August 4, 2021



Open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platform Nuls has confirmed it lost almost $480K worth of NULS tokens in a recent hack.

In an official tweet on 22nd December, Nuls said 2 million tokens had been transferred in total, and that 548,354 tokens, worth around $131,600, had already entered the trading market, rendering them untraceable.

*Security Update*

— NULS (@Nuls) December 22, 2019

Nuls’ response has been to hard fork the blockchain at block height 87,800, meaning the remaining NULS that had not entered the trading market will be permanently frozen. It further added that the hard fork will be released as soon as possible, and has advised all node owners the upgrade is mandatory and needs to be completed as soon as possible.

Hackers apparently exploited a vulnerability in Nuls 2.2. version, which has now been fixed, and all affected crypto exchanges have been contacted and are working with Nuls to mitigate the damage.

The NULS Foundation is based in San Jose, California, and also has teams operating in China, Singapore, South Korea and Australia.

Steven Anderson

Steven Anderson

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