Are the Altcoins Ready for Regulatory Clarity?

Are the Altcoins Ready for Regulatory Clarity?

September 30, 2019 Off By Steven Anderson

Analysts think that Ethereum might incur a massive uptrend in the future.  Several analysts are explaining that ETH would bear a downward momentum for the short-term. Ethereum has currently stabilized above $170.

In the short-term analysts are of the opinion that ETH would incur some bearishness. A recent tweet read thus: “$ETH inverse weekly chart: What in God’s name makes you ‘bullish’ here? People calling for lower feels a lot like when people call altseason when we get a bearish retest into resistance.”

However, the macro outlook is positive for ETH. One of the technical indicators states that ETH might ultimately surge to $3,300. Whether this is a false signal or true one is for time to tell.

Litecoin has recorded a 15% decline over the past 30 days.  It was starting trading at $100 early this year, and it has been a good year for its holders. However, the pace has not been good recently.  However, it is expected that once the $90 mark is crossed, the Litecoin might start trading upwards.  The current market performance points to the beginning of a progressive trend soon.

The price of Stellar Lumens went down to $0.058 following a substantial price decline in the market. Things are not very bright for stellar.  With nothing impressive happening, the token remains in the lower level.  The market cap of XLM coin is currently at $1,169,389,259. The 24-hour volume is placed at $198,024,027. The circulating supply for XLM is now at 20,105,093,542 XLM.

Anthony Pompliano stated, “Someone just introduced me to the Ripple/XRP team because @bgarlinghouse will be in NYC this week.  Should I record an episode of Off The Chain with him? If so, what should I ask him??” He further questioned about Ripple’s expectations concerning regulatory clarity. He was asking what Ripple would do if the SEC will be giving the kind of regulatory clarity they are looking at.

While all are talking about regulatory clarity whether TCAT tokens, Ripple or Bitcoin, it is going to ask for breaking through the anonymity factor ultimately.

The Sun network launched by TRON is focused on dramatically improving the scalability, thereby increasing the transaction speed for the TRON applications.

The TRON network is currently focusing on DAppChain, which will be helping the TRON-based applications to be able to enjoy a smarter contract execution process. Therefore, providing for better security and reduced energy consumption.  The DAppChain is compatible with the TRON’s Mainnet.  At this point, the point in question is whether TRON needs this robust new network.