The Currency Analytics- TCA progresses in its mission through Strategic Partnership with COSS and EDC

The Currency Analytics- TCA progresses in its mission through Strategic Partnership with COSS and EDC

August 25, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

The Currency Analytics – TCA has again proven to its community and the cryptocurrency ecosystem at large that it is actively working to give the best to its token holders. This is shown through its recent strategic patterning with EDC blockchain and listing on Crypto One Stop Solution (Coss). This was announced in a press release on 12th August. The TCAT will be tradeable as from 26th August as announced by Coss.

TCA, EDC, and COS Triple Airdrop – Fistever

The release also featured the first-ever triple airdrop. Anyone who deposits 1000TCAT will gain 100EDC and 10COS. Also, anyone who deposits 1000EDC will gain 100TCAT and 10COS. This will be a very big event as it is interesting and the first of its kind.

About COSS and EDC

Coss exchange is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange which has an IEO platform to help cryptocurrency startups to gain more visibility. EDC blockchain is a quick-rising blockchain that rewards users through its Leasing Proof of Stake. EDC has more than a million active users from all over the world.

What does this mean for the TCA Community?

Coss is known to have users and traders from all over the world. This listing and partnership will bring TCAT’s solution to more traders. Interestingly, The Currency Analytics envisions a cryptocurrency space where crypto investors and traders are fed the right, real, and up to date information. This can help them to take a wise decision which can positively affect their portfolio. The amount of funds investors lose each day as a result of fake news is huge and it is time for projects like The Currency Analytics to do something about it. This is TCAT’s brave move.

Every now and then, EDC is onboarding new users on to its platform. This is through its active community. Most times these new users are totally new to cryptocurrency as a whole and may not understand how things work. Through this partnership and listing, new EDC members are open to a library of knowledge and updated real information through The currency Analytics. TCA has a pool of basic information about cryptocurrency and the blockchain for beginners and all cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike. EDC users will be open to the opportunity of being part of a movement against fake news on the cryptocurrency space through the TCAT token.

The Crypto Space should celebrate the development

‘Sydney Ifergan should be commended for this great work’ Said Ayobami Abiola, a cryptocurrency writer, ‘This is not just a development that the TCA, Coss, and EDC should be happy about, it is a development that should be celebrated by the whole Crypto ecosystem. You’ll never understand the essence of having the right real information at the right time unless you have fall prey of the fake news before. This development shows the world that more and more projects in the Crypto space are seeing what TCA is seeing.’ He concluded.

August 26th is around the corner. A few hours now, the Cryptocurrency space will witness a global event which is the first of its kind. The Currency Analytics is showing the world that it is a pacesetter.

Be informed!