Horizon soft launches public pre-sale with a 60% bonus!

Horizon soft launches public pre-sale with a 60% bonus!

May 2, 2018 Off By Sindy Thompson

Horizon, a telecommunications company based in Bermuda has announced that its ICO pre-sale will commence on Monday April 30th at noon GMT, but has soft launched its 60% bonus this weekend. The company the will be rolling out state-of-the art telecom services in the Caribbean employs a decentralized  platform in which its token, HRZN is the internal currency. Horizon hopes to become a major force for internet and cell phones as it launches in the Caribbean, expanding to Central and North America quickly.

The project was born out of the need to provide a high speed, up-to-date internet and cell services on the island of Bermuda and the Caribbean. The region has been beleaguered with poor internet services due to obsolete and aged technology employed by current payers in the niche. The company is employing a next generation technology  with speeds up to 300mbps, that ensures that the region is never underserved due to hurricanes and other natural disasters which routinely cut off internet services.

The company plans to raise $50 million from the initial coin offering. The presale is an avenue through which investors can get the HRZN token with a bonus. As one of the more talked about crowdsales in 2018, it is expected that the tokens will sell out before the timeline. According to the information on the website http://horizoncomm.co

Gilbert A Darrell is the Founder of Horizon. He has 18 years experience in information technology and telecom solutions, a veteran in Fire and EMS Services, a crypto enthusiast and a member of the Bermuda Government’s Cryptocurrency Task Force.

Horizon Communications is an upcoming fixed wireless internet service provider looking to provide services in Bermuda, the Caribbean and Central America before expanding internationally. While utilizing 4th generation and soon 5th generation wireless technology, it will also heavily incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, one of the 1st ISP’s in the world to do so, while launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as a part of their capital raise and integration.

More information on the ICO and the company itself, including whitepapers and vision, can be found on https://horizoncomm.co

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