My Crypto Strategy, Plans and Goals

My Crypto Strategy, Plans and Goals

August 10, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

My Person and People

I am fascinated with innovative ideas on the blockchain. This has brought my way many crypto enthusiasts, investors, and developers like Sydney Ifergan- the crypto guru and CEO of The Currency Analytics, CryptoMentor99- my crypto papa, Wapinter- the genius (Smiles, he’ll want me to delete that), Lekato- My good friend and boss, Cedric- a crypto legend, Vladmir-the great, Ifradishak-my good brother and friend, just to mention a few. Each of these people has their own personalized cryptocurrency strategies which are peculiar to them. I have mine too. CryptoMentor, a few months ago, explained in a video what his own crypto-exit strategy was. You should have too. If you don’t have a strategy or plan for all your cryptocurrency wallets or portfolio, you may find it very difficult to gather much.

My Crypto Strategy

My plan is to follow through with cryptocurrency projects that I am deeply convinced about. This is true, no matter what their current market price is, compared to their initial price. I am able to make this kind of decision because I read white papers, vision papers, do some extra research, and interact with the project team. Once I am convinced, I go ahead to fully support the project.

Setting Goals

Ultimately, my set goals determine my exit strategy. I have learned from CryptoFlakky that selling a coin cheap is not an option even if I go hungry. This is especially true for projects I am deeply convinced about like The Currency Analytics. You may wonder why I have not spoken about top projects like Bitcoin-BTC, Ethereum (ETH). These are great and established projects. But, personally, I’d rather start with a new project and see it come to fruition than investing in the ones that are already established. Don’t get me wrong that is the way I feel for now, and it may change the next moment.

Other people’s Strategy and Opinion

Oftentimes, you hear many people in many altcoin groups lament on why the price of the particular project sunk. Most times they blame bounty hunters. But, it seems to me that recently, people are beginning to get a clearer picture of why Cryptocurrencies especially altcoins sink. To me, it is the combination of different factors some of which are overlooked. For example, some people exit because of their present predicament. Some people from the third world countries may have made a huge profit selling a token or coin at a particular price because of their fiat exchange rate while this is nothing for others around the world.

This post is poised at helping cryptocurrency people understand the fact that setting a financial goal is not limited to fiat money, it definitely applies to your crypto portfolio. I am no financial advisor, but these are valid words.

Do you have a cryptocurrency strategy?

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