A New E-Commerce Platform Where Cryptocurrency is Incorporated

A New E-Commerce Platform Where Cryptocurrency is Incorporated

July 28, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

Innovation and disruption are two words that you hear frequently within the crypto community when describing a project that is fundamentally sound and promising. Crypto market place live is a newly launched e-commerce platform that will also incorporate cryptocurrency. This is a one of a kind project. This platform has no fees! Let me explain in more detail.

Crypto market place live aims to bring crypto to the open trade e-commerce space, with the unique ability to buy, sell and trade any cryptocurrency in conjunction with goods and services in an easy to use classified ad platform. Predominantly targeting the crypto community and peer to peer trading platform has the added benefit of being able to buy sell and trade anything from vehicles, electrical goods, sports equipment, clothing and footwear. Crypto marketplace aims at making itself a worldwide marketplace that is 100%  fee free to use. The entire sight is free. There are no trade fees, no listing fees and no sign-up fees.

The vision of Cryptomarketplace is to provide free open trade to the world and assist in mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in a safe p2p environment for everybody to enjoy at no cost!

Are you interested in user safety and security? Cryptomarketplace has made great steps towards these important issues. Starting with your initial sign-up on the platform there are multiple verification steps to stop scammers from registering an account. The platform will also incorporate a user rating and feedback system to describe your trading experience. In order for you, the user, to have a safe trading experience there will be a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is assist you. There are other safety feature too numerous to mention here that will make this platform easy to navigate.

Do you want early access to the platform along with informative updates? Simply, register at their website and you can be one of the first to use this innovative and disruptive e-commerce platform.

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