Opinion | Why I am Super-glued with a Cryptocurrency platform Such as The Currency Analytics

Opinion | Why I am Super-glued with a Cryptocurrency platform Such as The Currency Analytics

July 22, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

The Currency Analytics is a top Google approved cryptocurrency news website that gives news which is up to date, REAL and not biased.

After a few weeks of consistent blogging on Steemit, I was introduced to a new innovation- Utopian. This concept allows anyone to contribute to open source projects and be rewarded in STEEM tokens. I was fascinated with the concept, which made me contribute ideas to many projects even though I am not a developer. This was basically the beginning of my journey into the world of innovative ideas and concepts built on the blockchain.
Because I am a writer, I read many white papers to get myself updated about the newest visions and works on the blockchain. I have seen many outstanding concepts and visions, many of which I wrote about, though some turned out to be a scam.

My Encounter with The Currency Analytics

Out of the desire to further challenge myself, I sought for news platforms to contribute to. This was what brought me in contact with Sydney Ifergan, a crypto guru and CEO of The Currency Analytics- TCA in the fall of 2018. It was as our communication and relationship progressed that I knew more about Him and his vision for TCA. I am usually not a person that stays glue to many cryptocurrency projects, but when I find one which appeals to me like TCA, I am super-glued to them.

The Currency Analytics is a top Google approved cryptocurrency news website that gives news which is up to date, REAL and not biased.

This article focuses on a few reasons why I personally think the innovation behind TCA is appealing, thus great.

Fake News Eradication

With its REAL protocol, TCA fights against fake news. The CEO understood what it means to a crypto investors portfolio when decisions are taken based on fake news. The Currency Analytics REAL protocol is explained as follows:

  • Real news only based on observed facts
  • Ethical news only written by dedicated, professional and impartial journalists
  • Attributive news only based on verified facts
  • Lasting news that can make positive contributions to the crypto community. Source

tStamp Label

tStamp label is a stamp of approval or transparency for any cryptocurrency project with the label. TCA will help to confirm the identity of team members of a project. This is to prove to their community that they are real and they are who they say they are. This concept will surely eradicate fakes and scams in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. You can read more about tStamp label here.

News Staking Algorithm

One of the visions of the CEO was to be able to challenge every cryptocurrency news reader or investor to do thorough due diligence to confirm all news they read. Through the news staking algorithm, users can stake their TCAT tokens on news article released whether it is real or fake. Since funds are attached, stakers will be forced to perform due diligence on the news they read to confirm if it’s real or not.

No ICO/IEO Yet listed on CMC

The Currency Analytics did not conduct an ICO or IEO, only Token swap with some projects. The interesting aspect is that despite this, TCAT is listed on multiple exchanges and cryptocurrency analytics websites like CoinmarketCap, Coingecko, Blockfolio, etc.

The CEO of The Currency Analytics

Sydney Ifergan is a great man. With years of experience in digital marketing, he is an advisor to many cryptocurrency projects most of which are very popular and known. He is always working to give the best to the community. Though he may be very busy most times, he is approachable. He is one of the most humble cryptoheroes I have met. He is a visionary and doesn’t relent, even if things seem not to be working. These qualities are admirable, you can only see them when you relate with him. It’s so sad many do not wish to see these things, only to make quick profits through pumps and dumps.

Personally, I’d rather invest in great virtues not leaving out innovative ideas and market potential. There are and there will be great innovations on the blockchain with CEOs who have bad characters and attitudes, sadly many seem not to care. Due diligence is key to making a good investment. Part of the due diligence is checking for the qualifications, qualities, and attitude of the project team. I can say boldly that TCA has a distinction in that aspect.


The Currency Analytics has proven itself worthy of my trust. I will not be surprised if TCAT is mentioned alongside great cryptos like BTC, XLM, LTC, TRX, ETH, etc. in the nearest future. You can also visit the website below to start your own due diligence.


Don’t forget, all these are my findings and opinion.