A brief overview on two rising exchange coins

A brief overview on two rising exchange coins

July 17, 2019 Off By Sindy Thompson

Crypto exchanges are primarily designed for buying, selling and trading digital assets. However, some modern exchanges are also launching their own native tokens. Among these, to exchange coins are grabbing strong attention in the market today. One is BNB or Binance Coin which is released by leading crypto exchange Binance. The other one is DTEP which is launched by rising crypto exchange Decoin. You must be curious to know more about them. Well, here is a brief overview on BNB and DTEP.


Binance Coin, the native coin of Binance crypto exchange, was launched with 200 million of maximum supply. At present, the circulating supply of BNB is 140,345,602. BNB is a form of utility token and it’s the underlying fuel that supports Binance Ecosystem. The blockchain-based coin is powered by PoS (Proof-of-Stake) algorithm. You can use BNB to pay trading fees, withdrawal fees, listing fees, exchange fees and so on. Besides, BNB users will enjoy 50% discount on trading on Binance.

It’s to note here BNB follows a buy-back program. Binance will purchase back around 20 percent BNB tokens from users every quarter. The purchased tokens will be burnt by the exchange till the entire supply reaches to 100 million. This buyback program will shoot up BNB prices to a great extent.

BNB mainnet swap was completed in 2019. Binance has plans to develop a decentralized digital asset exchange in near future and BNB will be its primary base asset.


DTEP is the native token of Decoin crypto exchange which runs on a pure independent PoS blockchain. The maximum supply of the coin is 140,000,000I while its current supply is 70,000,000. It’s to note here DTEP is backed by optimization technology algo that allows internal trades in just milliseconds.

 DTEP is also a utility token that promises a bunch of unique benefits for the coin holders. Akin to BNB, DTEP users will also enjoy discounts on trading fees. Additionally, DTEP coin holders receive a 6.2 percent yearly staking reward.

One of the most exclusive features of DTEP is its revenue sharing program. The token shares around 20% of its revenue with its coin holders. This revenue sharing model eliminates any risk of wrong inflated data on part of the Decoin exchange. It’s because if Decoin claims any kind of inflated data on trading volumes, it has to share the revenue with the DTEP coin holders. DTEP holders will have access to 24/7 multi-language support.

With the recent hack of Bithumb, the all-time total stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges has surpassed $1.3 billion