Why are land-based casinos apprehensive to expand online?

Why are land-based casinos apprehensive to expand online?

July 4, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

The online gambling market is estimated to reach $ 96.89 billion by 2024. The ease of anytime gambling from anywhere in the world has really caught up with the gamblers. Besides, the exclusive bonus and perks offered by online casinos are also pulling in gamblers to the virtual gaming sites. Land-based casinos have a huge market waiting for them online and faster they work towards it, the better. But, although a handful of top-tier physical casinos have expanded online- yet the small & medium scale ones are really apprehensive of the virtual shift.

Why are physical casinos so reluctant?

Hefty fees

The #1 reason is land-based casinos have to pay hefty fees to expand to the virtual space. Added to an expensive upfront investment, the casinos have to bear pricey monthly fees and overhead costs of an online gaming system. While the top casinos are able to accommodate these fees, small & mid-scale ones often find them unaffordable.

Lack of access to expert online gaming resources

Expansion to online sphere is no cakewalk for a land-based casino. It involves a whole new paradigm shift of technology which becomes a problem for brick and mortar casinos. Most of the countries suffer from lack of high expertise and access to specialized resources needed to migrate to online gaming sector. The resources that are available are usually rare and too pricey for small and medium-scale casinos. Such a land-based casino can’t afford to hire a specialized team to man its online sector and also can’t always cover the associated management costs.

Lack of unified rewarding system

When a land-based casino expands online, it can’t provide the same rewards both online and offline. As a result its offline players prefer not to register to its online avatar since that will make them lose the perks available offline. As a result, a lot of land-based casinos are apprehensive of extending to the virtual space

Crypto-based systems could be a solution

The aforementioned problems could be solved by a blockchain-based crypto gaming system. Pbet is a crypto-based gaming platform which is designed to create an easy integration between these offline & online casinos- whilst incorporating instant cryptocurrency payments. Pbet helps land-based casinos to expand online with its turnkey online gaming system that promises zero fix fees, $0 investment fee and a win-win revenue sharing protocol. The site also guarantees access to highly skilled specialized resources at low rates to partner casinos. Moreover, Pbet will launch cross-channel promotions that will allow benefits for players both online and offline.

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