Top 4 regulated crypto exchanges to trade in this year

Top 4 regulated crypto exchanges to trade in this year

June 25, 2019 Off By Sindy Thompson

Regulation and license are two most crucial factors to check out while looking for a crypto exchange. Unregulated exchanges can’t be trusted for safe trading as these can always take illicit and fraudulent means given the lack of regulations. Thus, when you will check out a crypto exchange, make sure its website or whitepaper clearly mentions about its regulation status. If you don’t find any such data, consider a red flag. Are you in quest of a regulated crypto exchange? Check out the article below as it offers a brief on the top regulated crypto exchanges you can count on.


Founded in 2013, the platform claims to be the “best advanced crypto exchange” in the world. The exchange is under regulation and is all set to launch its licensed subsidiary soon in Japan. HitBTC operates with a state of the art matching algorithm and the exchange is solely for crypto-to-crypto trading. Although the platform does not support fiat currency yet users here are able to purchase BTC with credit card


Huobi is a China-based crypto exchange that is registered in Republic of Seychelles. It’s headquarter is in Singapore and the exchange also has multiple offices across Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and the USA. Huobi operates with various versions. There is its OTC portal which allows fiat-to-crypto trading without any kind of fees. You also have Huobi Pro which is meant for crypto-to-crypto trading for advanced traders. The Pro version extends round the clock customer service.


Decoin is a fast rising crypto exchange and it also has its own native coin by the name of DTEP. You will be relieved to know the company is regulated and licensed by Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. Decoin promises easy trading for both new and seasoned traders. DTEP holders have access to discounted trading fees and the exchange’s unique revenue sharing program. As per the program, Decoin shares 20% of its revenue with its coin holders. Decoin has taken strict security measures and stores 97% of its assets in cold wallet. The remaining assets are backed by insurance.


BitMEX is especially built for dedicated crypto traders. The platform continuously processes more than 2 billion USD in transactions in 24-hour period. One of the most unique aspects of the portal is that it extends leveraged contracts (perpetual contracts and futures contracts) which are sold and purchased with Bitcoin. BitMEX is registered in Republic of Seychelles.