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August 3, 2021

Omenics adds The Currency Analytics as a Reliable News Source: Fake News is becoming History

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Omenics collects news and information around cryptocurrencies, analyze these data to present a sentiment score for information and education of its users.

What is the best way to rip cryptocurrency newbies off? It is to shut them off authentic information and fill them with fake news. So many times newbies suffer the most when it comes to falling for cryptocurrency scams. One way or the other they have believed lies sold to them by a supposed Crypto guru who has laid out his opinions as facts. Misleading investors through information has been the best weapons of scammers. And this is done on different cryptocurrency social media like CryptoTwitter. Another challenge newbies have is access to a wide variety of information or happenings around cryptocurrency as they occur.

Also, one cannot deny the fact that cryptocurrency prices at each point respond to cryptocurrency news. Prices shoot or dip because of news or information released by someone or a group concerning a particular cryptocurrency.

Omenics collects news and information around cryptocurrencies, analyze these data to present a sentiment score for information and education of its users. The project added The Currency Analytics– TCA recently as a reliable news source to help in its analytics. The Currency Analytics is known to be a haven for Real, authentic, and up to date news around the cryptocurrency ecosystem. TCA has been on the mission to fight against fake news through its REAL protocol (and TCAT token) which is commonly explained as:

  • Real authentic news only based on observed facts
  • Ethical news reports written by professional and neutral journalists
  • Attributive news where reports are thoroughly verified before publishing
  • Lasting news reports that can make positive contributions to the entire crypto community at large

Therefore, it only becomes natural for Omenics to select The Currency Analytics as a source for its analyses.

Ayobami Abiola, a cryptocurrency expert said while reacting to the news ā€œI was super excited to find out that my opinion about cryptocurrency prices and news being closely related has been proven by Omenics. I visited the website and saw the SentScore analysis with different news and price charts. I couldnā€™t be more excited that more projects nowadays are joining The Currency Analytics in its vision to put fake news to an end. This kind of development in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is needed.ā€

Omenics is a cryptocurrency analytics tool which helps users to keep track of happenings on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The service uses different news sources to help users to be updated about their favorite cryptocurrency. Users can select their favorite cryptocurrency and news platform from the user area. Users are also given access to charts, analytics or SentScore or their favorite cryptocurrency. These analyses are gathered from the news and social media activities of the cryptocurrency in question.


Ayobami Abiola

Ayobami Abiola

I am Ayobami Abiola from Nigeria. I am a Cryptocurrency enthusiast who like to write about creative and great innovations- The wonders of the blockchain technology.

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