Blockchain Based Mobile Virtual Network Operator- MVNO Services may change the Face of Telecommunication forever

Blockchain Based Mobile Virtual Network Operator- MVNO Services may change the Face of Telecommunication forever

May 25, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

Sometimes, being able to communicate effectively with your family or friends overseas may mark the difference between a great day and a day went wrong. Yes, the internet has made it very easy with various chat and video call apps all over. But, there is nothing to be compared with the telecommunication or a phone call. This is effective in areas where internet connections are very low like rural areas. Now, the call rate differs from country to country but one thing is certain, cross border calls cost the most. The reason is clear enough- distance.

It would have been better if there is a network operator that will operate in most countries of the world. Call tariffs would have been a little bit lower and easier. Most Network Operators cannot operate in too many countries of the world because of the cost of infrastructure. Aside from that, laws of operation differ from country to country.

MVNO- Telecommunication Changers

Mobile Virtual Network Operators have been the broken link between different network operators. Without infrastructure, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator –MVNO can buy the operation services of a Network Operator in bulk to resell to its customers. Now MVNOs can easily buy network services in bulk from different network operators from multiple companies to resell at their own rate to their customers worldwide. There is no telling that these kinds of services will be a little lesser than those of the Network Operators else, they will never be able to attract customers.

An MVNO can operate from any country to resell network services of a Network Provider from any other country to its customer worldwide. This is a game changer in the telecommunication industry. Some MVNOs allows customers to use multiple virtual numbers on a sim card. Thus, a customer can easily use a mobile number from a different country as his.

Blockchain in Telecommunication- the Possibility

The only downside to this is remittance for purchasing services for customers who are abroad. But, blockchain technology is perfectly built to solve cross-border remittance challenges. These challenges include speed and security. With the blockchain technology, a customer can purchase services from an MVNO over the internet for use. This will change the face of the telecommunication industry for good. There are blockchain start-ups that are already taking up this challenge to bring the blockchain initiative to mainstream and into our daily lives. These kinds of start-ups are being encouraged as customers see the usefulness of this kind of service.

Do you also think services like MVNO on the blockchain can change the face of telecommunication forever?

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