It is painful how Animal Farmers are left out on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Solutions

It is painful how Animal Farmers are left out on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Solutions

May 3, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

It is apparent that the Agricultural sector still needs a lot of help from the blockchain technology. There are very few start-ups today that focuses solving challenges farmers are facing. Some of the possible areas where the blockchain can aid agriculture has been previously published on FinancialReport24. This article focuses on the challenges that faces farmers who are into animal husbandry and the possible solutions that the blockchain can provide.

Animal Health and Data- Farmers Ordeal

Emergencies can happen at any time on the farm especially with livestock or animals. The farmer seeks the help of a Veterinary doctor who is in short supply. Normally Veterinary doctors have to travel miles before they reach the farm where their services are needed. Animal farms in most cases are usually far from each other, therefore it’s enough stress for the few available doctors. Peradventure, farmers are not able to fully describe the state of emergency to the doctors, they are bound to underprepare. This may cause the life of the animal in the long run.

Animal health data are important and confidential to farmers as normal human health data. If these data gets leaked, it can be used against him by his competitors in the business. Therefore, the farmer is very cautious about how much he reveals about his farm to the doctor over the line or internet. The credibility of his farm and business depends so much on the health data of the animals he is raising and has raised in the past. If his product will meet the market standard and have value, then he must be accountable as to be able to give the health history of each animal on his farm. Sometimes he might be away from his farm, he needs to be able to keep an eye on the health and status of his animals without asking from his stewards.

The Possible Blockchain Aide- Farmers’ Safe Haven

The blockchain is the right aide for animal farms and farmers. There have been solutions that are built on the blockchain to help secure the human health data but there is none for animals. As human health data can be secured by the blockchain, so also animal health data can be protected by it. Health history and data can be stored with interplanetary File System (IPFS) and its hash stored on the blockchain. Farmers will need not worry about the security of his farm’s data as they are available to him at all times securely.

Furthermore, developers can also help farmers develop chat applications backed by the blockchain which will enable them to connect securely with their veterinary doctors. Cryptocurrencies are built for secure payments, the same can be used by farmers to pay doctors for their works. If there are market places built on the blockchain for other goods why not for farmers.

The internet of things- IoT, has been in existence for decades, used to check the health and control electronics no matter the distance. This same technology can be used by farmers to check for some vital information (e.g. heartbeat rate) of animals from anywhere. IoT enabled blockchains like XinFin can provide a very thick layer of security to a solution like this.

Let’s make it Happen, Developers!!!

The possibilities go on and on. The Agricultural sector cannot, should not, and must not be left out in the merits the blockchain and cryptocurrency is providing.

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