Cryptocurrency Needs Meetups like CryptoMentor99 is planning for TCAT, XDC, and LCS

Cryptocurrency Needs Meetups like CryptoMentor99 is planning for TCAT, XDC, and LCS

April 9, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

The Fuss

Lately, there has been news that China is making moves to stop Bitcoin Mining. The largest Bitcoin mining farm is Bitmain which is located in China. Thus, it is significantly telling on its price. Equally, this news is telling negatively on the prices of other cryptocurrency markets. This is because most cryptos are directly or indirectly dependent on BTC. The prices of cryptocurrencies are always going to be affected unless more countries of the world adopt cryptocurrency through meetups.

Presently, it does not matter if the prices of cryptocurrencies are high or low, influenced or not. What matters is that more people in the world know about cryptocurrency. It will be hard for news as mentioned above to influence the cryptocurrency markets if the whole world adopted the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The ecosystem needs effective ways to reach and influence more people to join in.

Crypto Meetups

People believe that large numbers of people should be spoken to at a time to help spread the word. As much as that is effective, meeting people one-on-one is much more efficient and effective. CryptoMentor99- CM99 is making efforts to change the world’s perspective about cryptocurrency. He is doing this by using every opportunity he has to talk about cryptocurrency and especially XinFin, The Currency Analytics, LocalCoinSwap, and Digibyte. He has in the past gone for two road trips to evangelize for the projects mentioned above. he has done same for the cryptocurrency ecosystem at large.

One would expect that his road trips are to meet large numbers of people who are prepared to meet him. But it is quite the opposite. He goes around to talk to people as he journeys. He has met a lot of people doing this and he is forming a large family of crypto enthusiasts – you should check his YouTube channel for more updates. CM99 is not only doing this, but he is also extending his arms of love to people he could not meet. He lately retweeted a tweet thanking him for sending Crypto Poker chips all the way to Nigeria.

He is planning to do a cryptocurrency meet up in summer in the United States. In his words in a video he released on YouTube, he mentioned that he is not going to care even if 5 or 500 people attended, he will go ahead with the plan. He believes it is not about how many people he meets at a time, but how many actually become a crypto family.

Wow He must have Understood ALL about Cryptocurrency

Ironically, he is not even a developer. He is a regular, grandfather who wishes to be able to tell his grandchildren about how loving the Cryptocurrency ecosystem can be. This he stated in one of his videos preparing for his next Cryptocurrency meetups.

Interestingly, he is living in the United States. It has been discovered that only 8% of Americans have invested in cryptocurrency. Another research made it known that up to 80% of the population is involved in different loyalty programs. Therefore, people like CryptoMentor and meetups like this are needed to be able to convert the large percentage. Because there are many loyalty programs on the blockchain that are more effective and efficient.

Will you do meetups?

Enthusiasts like CM99 are a rare gem in the ecosystem that we need to treasure and never let go. He is inspiring many people in the world today to influence their immediate environment.

If Cryptocurrency will be established it needs to STAYONTHEEARTH. This is as highlighted by Sydney Ifergan, the founder of The Currency Analytics. It can only STAYONTHEEARTH if we all take the talks about it as CryptoMentor does.