Has the Present Generation done Justice in Presenting a great Crypto Legacy for the Next Generation?- The works of BTC, LTC, ETH, XLM, XDC, and TCAT

Has the Present Generation done Justice in Presenting a great Crypto Legacy for the Next Generation?- The works of BTC, LTC, ETH, XLM, XDC, and TCAT

April 4, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

‘I’m building my crypto portfolio for my Grandchildren’ are the words of a man who is actively preparing a legacy for the next generation. CryptoMentor99, as he is popularly known, is one of the few cryptocurrency enthusiasts of his age that we have in the ecosystem today. He goes on road trips to enlighten others and help them see the miracle in cryptocurrency. His passion for cryptocurrency has made him make the wisest decision anyone could think of- Prepare a legacy for the next generation.

The good Legacy

The past generation had done well for us- they gave a foundation on which we build today- the internet. Through our unstopping researches, we have discovered the blockchain technology. But can we say we have a true legacy for the next generation? Sure we do:

We have done well to prepare for them a foundation to solve past remittance challenges. We will be bold to give them solutions like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other proof of work model coins. Thus, helping them to actively solve the unsolvable challenges of security like the Byzantine Generals challenge. We have Eos, Tron, and Stellar Lumens (XLM) to solve scalability issues.

We have competition on the blockchain too. This will help the coming generation to understand the value of reaching for the best they can be. The rival between Ethereum and Tron is in records already to teach the next generation.

Solutions like Safe Haven is already helping through its inheritance platform to make sure great crypto legacies are passed on to the next generation just like CryptoMentor is doing. With this, the next generation can have a solid foundation of a great pool of funds to help build their dream.

XinFin is also helping in the areas of trade and finance legacy. With its latest partnership with Aix to facilitate Bondsai the first Artificial Intelligent Bond Broker. This is a legacy which will surely be a great addition for the next generation. Innovations that are new or the world’s first today are a great foundation for the coming generations to build on.

The ‘Not so Good’ legacy

It has been discovered that knowledge multiplies as it is passed on. We received the internet and computer, but have multiplied it to produce great results like the blockchains. Our discoveries today will surely be as nothing in the face of great expeditions for the next generation. This principle of multiplication is not just limited to the positive things we have achieved. We can be sure that failures and pitfalls will also be replicated exponentially. If this is so, then the world should be ready for new heights of scams on the blockchain. Failures like fake news will surely be on the high and common in those days. This can be heartbreaking to think about. The only remedy is to begin to make correction to our failures as from now.

The Remedy

We can always rest on the solutions that The Currency Analytics is giving to help prepare a great legacy. The fight against fake news through the REAL protocol and TCAT will be productive if everyone will promote it. If we will not cause an unsurmountable challenge through the bad legacies we have laid down, we need a legacy like the REAL protocol. The REAL protocol will ensure:

  • Real news only based on observed facts
  • Ethical news only written by dedicated, professional and impartial journalists
  • Attributive news only based on verified facts
  • Lasting news that can make positive contributions to the crypto community.

Can this generation like Cryptomentor99 boldly say in all sense of positivity that we are building the crypto ecosystem for the next generation?