The Blue Screen of Death for Cryptocurrency Projects- No Frequent Update or Press Release

The Blue Screen of Death for Cryptocurrency Projects- No Frequent Update or Press Release

March 14, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

This article highlights the importance of press release for cryptocurrency projects and the advantages of The Currency Analytics news platform as one of the best option.

As Silent as Grave- No Frequent Update or Press Releases

One of the first thing that signal a cryptocurrency project’s death to the community is a silent telegram group. Many times this is due to lack of frequent updates from the team. Investors want to see how their favorite project is doing through a constant update of the community. Now, if they cannot get that, to them the project is gone. Sometimes this line of thought may be wrong as many genuine teams are working behind the scene. ‘Working behind the Scene’ for too long will raise unnecessary and false suspicion from community members.

Community Managers

Some project team thought it wise to hire community moderators so they can help keep the discussion flow in their telegram groups while they ‘work behind the scene’. As great as this may be, if there are no consistent updates for the community, then there is nothing the hired manager can do to keep the group alive.

Price Discussions

For projects that have been listed in crypto exchanges, the discussion centers naturally around price speculation. Price speculation can be very toxic and cause FUD in group discussion. This is the reason price talks are off limits in some project’s discussion forum today. Therefore, to community members, when there are no frequent community updates, price talks are restricted, and discussion or announcement channels are silent, fear of project failure sets in.

The bad news is that, when investors do not receive consistent updates from their community, they lose confidence in the cryptocurrency project. A lost confidence can mean that it will be difficult to get new believers for the project and lesser visibility for the project which equals bad news even for a genuine project.

Good projects and Press Releases

Great crypto projects update their community from time to time even if there are no updates. They naturally attract new believers or members when they have an active discussion channel. Normally, what they do is to constantly give the community what to talk about. These updates usually come through social media or blogging accounts. They also do not forget to bring in more people when they make press releases in top news platform like The Currency Analytics.

Little updates

Even when there is nothing to update the community about, they make press releases about even the tiniest changes. An example is the most recent Stellar Lumen’s release about new XLM logo. One may not believe it but a well-handled release like this can bring unprecedented excitement to the community. This may mean a greater adoption from others.

Why The Currency Analytics remains the Best option for Cryptocurrency Press Releases

For a great press release, the content matters as much as where it is posted. Project’s social media or blog is not sufficient to bring new members and update the old ones. Great projects know the essence of using news platforms to retell their stories. Investors are always excited to see their projects mention or spoken about in the news. The Currency Analytics will give your project the kind of visibility its needs. This is owing to its great attributes.

  • It has a constant and growing number of visitors daily.
  • The platform is Google approved.
  • All articles posted on the platform appears on the news and appears on top for google search results.
  • Press release fee from TCA remains one of the lowest there is.
  • ETC.

Cryptocurrency projects must understand and value the impact of a great press release for their projects. The Currency Analytics offers the best opportunity for great results from press releases for cryptocurrency projects.