An Instant Access to secure and Private Medical or Health Data is needed if the world is going to be better.

An Instant Access to secure and Private Medical or Health Data is needed if the world is going to be better.

March 6, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

Apparently, it became clear at the last minute that the boy’s illness had started when he was born. It should be no emergency, but here he was lying on the bed almost lifeless, his parent on calls for emergency service. The boy had been born with the symptom of a disease that is unrecognizable in its early stages. On a normal case, through a series of tests and monitoring, this kind of disease is known and treated easily after a while.

But the parent of this particular boy is always traveling from location to location. Therefore, there is no way they could have a well-structured health data or history for the boy. His health data was scattered all through different hospitals. And because there has been little or no interoperability between the care providers they have been using since the birth of the child, there is no way for doctors to have the faintest idea what was actually wrong with the child.

World health- in a glimpse

Even if you cannot relate to the story above, you understand that all or part of the situation illustrated are true and can happen. We are in a world which is growing by the day in population, size and health problems, and the cost to keep up with this is becoming a burden. The major challenge is to have a health system throughout the world where each individual has a complete personal health history or data. A complete health history will be one that has all data relating to the health of an individual. From the number of prescription that has been taken to the number of health challenges that have been faced all over the years, a health plan, etc. This will easily help hospitals or caregivers to run a patient-centered service more effectively with much lower costs and a lower rate of emergencies. Health insurers will also benefit from this service.

EHR- A safe Health Data?

Without much ado, there have been innovations directed at working on the challenges above- Electronic Health Records (EHR). EHRs are built to help hospitals run a digital, smart or easy health service other than the book records. EHRs are available at most hospitals today to ease the load on caregivers. The major challenges are hackers, lack of interoperability between providers thus traveling patients have scattered health records, sometimes these data are not accessible to the patients who own them. Insurers find it difficult to indemnify customers who seek health insurance for identity theft that has infested the digital sphere. Even health IT specialists said that there are problems in handling or analyzing big data from the present HER.

The Superhero- iAM

In the midst of these challenges Instant Access Medical, iAM flies in like a superhero to save the day – save the world- get it? iAm is the owner of the award-winning HealthOne which partnered with the Special Olympic to manage the Healthy Athletes software system. The service is also used by over 3000 physicians to manage the health data of millions of patients. The core of their service is to help patients build a personal health history or data which is accurate and regardless of where they are or had been. Cut the long story short iAm built an application to help patients, caregivers, service providers, and health insurers.

  • The application allows personalized health records to be available to individuals on the internet via their PC or mobile phone.
  • Providers can automatically upload of patients health data directly to their personalized app through the read and write access granted by the user.
  • The Application receives, analyses and interprets the information received. The Application also relate the meaning of the information received to the individual giving the best course of action.
  • It identifies the course or line of action that needs to be taken and alerts the user on regular basis e.g. when to take drugs, or what to do when a dose is missed.
  • Users can input symptoms on the application to get recommendations.
  • They can use the application to book appointment with their physician or connect with them via video calls.
  • Individuals can manage the health data of their kids via the app and the health data of elderlies with permission.
  • IoT integration allows wearables to be connected to help track a user’s health.

Why the Blockchain?

iAm is bringing this service on the blockchain to ensure the security of the data collected and the privacy of its users. Since all transaction made through the application are recorded on the blockchain which is immutable, health insurers have no problem in insuring its customers. Through the Health Data exchange service provided by Guardtime blockchain offering (KSI or Keyless Signature system), providers can be granted read, and write access to edit and update patient’s health data by paying a small access fee in iAM tokens. This is also true for wearables, only that the access fee is paid by the users. The access fee can be seen as a transaction fee on the platform.

There is the freemium service that allows all to monitor or keep their health records, but iAM offers the security and storage by the blockchain for a small fee from the users.

There should be a limited emergence if all personal health data are secure and available to its owners such as iAM provides. It is believed that the story illustrated at the open of this article could be a tale when the world comes to understand the essence of a secured lifelong health data available to its owners.

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