Sydney Ifergan appointed new official ambassador for P2PB2B

Sydney Ifergan appointed new official ambassador for P2PB2B

February 28, 2019 Off By Steven Anderson

Sydney Ifergan has recently joined P2PB2B as its official ambassador. The exchange allow trading in topmost cryptocurrencies and is known for its excellent transaction speed.

Top crypto guru Sydney Ifergan has recently signed in as the new official ambassador for next-gen crypto exchange P2PB2B. A futuristic exchange from Exrates umbrella, P2PB2B allows trading in the topmost cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, NEO and so on. The exchange is highly acknowledged for its incredible transaction speed and ultra-secured trading environment.

“I am thrilled to be the new official ambassador for a promising crypto exchange like P2PB2B. What I especially love about the rising exchange is its excellent transaction speed which can process up to a whopping 10,000 trades per second! On top of that, the exchange assures competitive fees and the most cutting-edge security”, stated Mr. Ifergan.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to represent a revolutionary name like P2PB2B as its official ambassador. I promise to represent the platform in the best light possible.”

Launched in 2018, P2PB2B is a next-gen Estonian cryptocurrency exchange and is completely compliant with all the necessary compliances and regulations. It has earned rave reviews for its high performance dashboards which are downloaded through SPA in msec to ensure a super-fast trading speed. P2PB2B’ s trading fees (0.2%) are also lower than the market average (0.25%). It also promises a decent withdrawal fee.

Much to the relief of traders, P2PB2B has taken state of the art steps to ensure most advanced security possible today. The company has deployed both 2FA & IP detection and 96 percent of all its currencies are stored in cold wallets. Moreover, the platform has banked on WAF-based smart screen that can efficiently detect & block hacker attempts.

On top of all these, P2PB2B assures 24-hours support and that to in as many as 8 languages.

A much revered name in the crypto scene, Mr. Sydney Ifergan has been involved I blockchain & crypto sphere since their inception. He has donned the esteemed roles of senior ICO expert and advisor for various crypto platforms, including Ingot Coin, Geeba, WPP Energy, genEOS.IO, VICTOR token. The leading ICO guru is also the founder of revolutionary crypto media site The Currency Analytics which is aimed to relieve the current crypto world from fake news.

“It’s a great moment for our entire PPB2B to have much respected ICO pundit Mr. Sydney Ifergan as our official ambassador”, noted Valerii Solodovnik , the CEO of P2PB2B.

“He believes and supports our mission and we could not have a better official ambassador for our platform.”

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