Another Day and Another New Cryptocurrency in the Market – Brand Adoption Now A Single Stroke

Another Day and Another New Cryptocurrency in the Market – Brand Adoption Now A Single Stroke

February 21, 2019 Off By Steven Anderson

Trends are becoming like another day and another new cryptocurrency in the market. 

Guy Hirsch, Managing Director of eToro stated, “While both crypto enthusiasts and millennials alike seem to distrust monolithic institutions like traditional exchanges, the largest investment banks that play in them, there is a great deal of demand from young investors for offers from firms that are more recognizable, are not perceived to be bad actors and have an infrastructure that can provide personalized and tailored advice.”

Guy Hirsch, also spoke about the overall shift of trust from the general stock market to crypto trading.

If the institutions are consumer friendly and popular, investors are willing to give it a shot. For instance, Google has now introduced a Bitcoin Keyboard currency symbol.  This symbol is being made available in the short cut apps to help with the Siri command execution.

One of the users have explained how to use it manually thus: “If any of you want to type it the Unicode code point it: U+20BF.  On Linux, this comes with Ctrl-Shift-U then release and type 20BF or 20bf since caps do not seem to matter which produces a nice.”

Despite the bashes, Bitcoin has somehow proved to stay, and this is one reason why a symbol is being made available.  Brand adoption can now happen in just a single stroke.

Similarly, any cryptocurrency which proves its ability to withstand the pressures of time and market trends will survive investor interest.  Investors will be interested in sustaining their loyalty to the newest TCAT tokens or a well-established token like Bitcoin or Ethereum depending upon the kind of trust the brand establishes in the minds of the user.

Despite varying opinions, it goes like “And if that collective mind wants bitcoin, then bitcoin is what it’ll get.” And therefore, if that collective mind wants TCAT tokens, then TCAT Tokens is what it’ll get. And, similarly, for every crypto old and new that is trying to establish in the current market.

While several shakers and movers shake the stock market, when it comes to cryptocurrency the price is about people perception, and the reliability is that which is documented in the distributed ledger.

The trend is set, and there will be lots of currency symbols born from now.  Which symbol will survive depends on how the investors greet the crypto for whatever reasons the founders have meant it to be.