Breaking The Shackles of Fake News in the Crypto World

Breaking The Shackles of Fake News in the Crypto World

February 13, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

Ever wondered what the world will be without the information and communications such as we have in news today?

News on its own has the ability to keep people updated and informed about present happenings around the world. When authentic news is delivered, it helps the people to which it is directed. The news is efficient in areas of keeping its audience at alert about happenings around them and all over the world.

The history has been a witness of the power of information as it can save and also destroy. Wars have been won in the course of history through the news. Likewise, peace reigned because of the dissemination of the right information and at the right time.

Town criers are employed in the old for the sole purpose of informing the people of a particular town of the current happenings. Leaders communicate their minds to the community through them. Though with so many limitations, they served their purpose- to help in dissemination of information. Over the times, there came the radio, television and ultimately the internet with sped up the rate of efficiency of information and news dissemination.

But as the technology kept improving through the internet so also the wide spread of adversity through fake news and rumors which are never true. Today, social media is full of all sorts of unverified, fake, and unauthentic news which places its audience at a disadvantage. Fake news results in the loss of countless millions of dollars in various aspect of the economy. Wrong interpretation of words spoken by notable people has made so many celebrities lose their dignity, fame, and sometimes money.

The financial sector cannot be counted out of the effects of news. Millions can be gained or lost in a few seconds because of the news. The blockchain is helping the financial market today and all. But the blockchain has suffered and is suffering the effects of fake news.

It is time to break free from all the shackles of the adverse effects of fake news. It is time to help the world and the blockchain regain its dignity with the help of real and authentic news. The Currency Analytics is one major projects fighting against fake news. It has opened the opportunity through the blockchain technology for people to invest, support, and drive the movement and circulation of real, up to date and authentic news.

Through investing in the TCAT tokens, investors can fight against fake news and information and give themselves profits in the future. Tokens are up for grabs are lower prices now as the team is working from time to time to increase its market value.

Talking about The Currency Analytics on the telegram channel, a community member brought the attention of other community members to some salient facts and achievements that made the project very special.

  1. The project never runs an ICO yet in a short while it listed in top cryptocurrency exchanges and tracking applications such as blockfolio, coinmarketcap, etc.
  2. Its Ceo is a man who is a senior adviser to many successful projects in the Crypto space and he has been working behind the scene to ensure the project is not just successful but profitable to investors and cryptocurrency space.
    Other points to note are:
  3. There are many dedicated writers on The Currency Analytics who are working daily to help the cryptocurrency sphere.
  4. Any one who supports the vision also supports the fight against fake, un-verified, and stale news.
  5. The platform has been approved by Google.

Join in the war against irrelevant, fake, and stale news in the finance and cryptocurrency space, read from The Currency Analytics and Buy TCAT.