Bitcoin Conferences: Different Opinions

Bitcoin Conferences: Different Opinions

January 15, 2019 Off By Rob Logan

Bitcoin became the talk of every news outlet over a year ago, thus bringing cryptocurrency to the front page of the internet. According to an article written by Dan Saada the analysis of the bitcoin prices over the years showed that it adoption throughout the world has increased.

Few years after 2009 when the first bitcoin block was mined, about 50 people who had been in contact via online chats, video calls, etc. met physically at Roosevelt Hotel in New York City to have the first bitcoin confrence. This was in August, 2011. Their discussions was about the forward movement of bitcoin and how to be richer. (More about this here)

Fast forward eight years later, cryptocurrency and bitcoin had grown to become mainstream though it was still considered to be at its infancy, compared to its senior forex. Even though, cryptocurrency had grown, confrences about it had been something of much controversy.


The North American Bitcoin Confrence – BTCMiami has been around for quite a long time as it is known to be an annual conference for all cryptocurrency based projects. This year, according to its website, the confrence is scheduled to hold at downtown James L. Knight Center Miami, Florida, between 16th to 18th January. The Conference will feauture more than 100 speakers who are leaders (Ceos, and representatives) of leading blockchain based projects. these speakers will share their innovative ideas and updates with attendees.

BTCMiami will also have the Lightning Networking sessions to allow all attendees to speed connect. Everyone who attends will be able to meet new people to share ideas or innovations with for four minutes after which the gong will ring allowing them to move over to meet other new people.

There will be the ‘Security token track’ which will be an informative session to keep all attendees updated about the newest innovations and opportunities for investors.

Anyone who cannot make the conference can easily keep up with updates by downloading a mobile app from the BTCMiami website.

The Controversy

Despite the fact that BTCMiami has been around for long, many new adopters haven’t heard about it while some are of the opinion that it is an opportunity to rip people off. A visit to different telegram chats of many projects with ongoing, near concluding, or just concludeitsd ICOs showed that many of the projects are not interested in conferences like BTCMiami. Some have never even heard about it, while very few showed a positive desire to know what it is all about.

While getting the opinion of a crypto enthisiast in a private chat on telegram, this is what he has to say:

Hello, we don’t visit these crypto conferences, as my old friend said, from 2013 crypto conferencies are parties for money naive investors 🙂
Because he doesn’t like the way how these conferences changed. Earlier conferencies was about new technology and interesting topics, later it turned into promotion shady ICO etc.

But this is against the opinion of another cryptocurrency enthusiast who believes that Confrences like this is a platform for ICO leaders to show their community they are working to make their investments profitable. In his own words he said:

…This is a fair question. ICOs are asking for everyone to give them money, so are they promoting their business which many people invested in? Are they doing everything they can to maximize my investment? Note that CEOs are required under U.S. law to “maximize investors returns” or “maxize investment”. This is the DUTY and the OBLIGATION of management teams. When you accept investment money, you are legally responsible for it…

Remember that the North American Bitcoin Conference is the largest blockchain conference in the World. Possibly 5,000 CEOs/CTOs/investors…. if you are the CEO of a company doing an ICO you should already know about it. Anyone on the management team of an ICO that doesn’t know about the LARGEST (and oldest) conference in their industry is not very well informed… Think about if you had invested in that ICO. If the CEO says “I’m not going to any conferences”. How would you like that? Not very much I imagine. Neither will anyone else.


The cryptocurrency universe carries a lot of opinions about bitcoin conferences, but it is advised that all enthusiast should look beyond the negative aspects of these kind of confrences to increase the adoption of Cryptocurrency thus moving the industry forward.

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