Comparative study between top 4 exchanges

Comparative study between top 4 exchanges

January 6, 2019 Off By Steven Anderson

With crypto trading on a rising spree with each passing year, the crypto exchange sector is also witnessing a glorious growth. After all, it’s the crypto exchange through which we trade the digital assets.

So, what are the most potential crypto exchanges to go for? Well, as per the market experts, the top 4 exchanges that seem to be ruling the roost today are – Coinbase, DigiFinex, Binance and A comparative study between the four will help to understand the compatibility quotient of each.

Coinbase (

A highly popular name in the current crypto exchange scene, Coinbase extends support for 6 digital currencies- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and 0x. It offers coverage for the USA, Australia, Singapore and the major countries in Europe. One of the most special aspects of Coinbase is its compatibility with fiat currency for both buying & selling cryptocurrencies. Besides, Coinbase has also earned rave reviews for accepting multiple payment methods (credit & debit cards. PayPal and bank transfer). The exchange is further supported by most advanced security standards & protected by the FDIC insurance. Coinbase fees tends to range between 1.49%-3.99%

DigiFinex (

One among the best 25 crypto exchanges in regards to market capitalization, DigiFinex is a rising name among the current crypto exchanges today. It supports 28 coins at present, including all the major and latest names. Contrary to popular opinion, the exchange allows US traders. Much to the joy of traders here, DigiFinex trading fees are below the market average (0.20%). The withdrawal fee here is also less than market average. However, it’s to note here the exchange does not accept fiat currency.

Binance (

A leading name in the crypto exchange scene, Binance supports more than 10 currencies. The portal offers two kinds of trading versions- basic & advanced. The basic one extends various charts and graphs for trading pairs, order books as well as trade history. The advanced format extends more elaborate analysis of value of a crypto coin over time. The exchange is extremely particular about security and takes to most advanced measures like 2-Factor Authentication. In regards to fees, Binance charges 0.1% fee per trade. The withdrawal fee can be free or can range from 0.001 to 1 to 1.2. – ( is a revolutionary crypto exchange which easily stands out with its full-customizable interface and lightning-fast execution speed. While regular exchanges tend to eat out the profits of traders with exorbitant commissions, is particular about free deposit, minimal withdrawal fee and an extremely low 0.1% taker fee. It’s the next-gen crypto exchange based on blockchain infrastructure and promises the unparalleled transparency & security which only the blockchain technology can offer. It’s all about democratizing the markets and leveraging the profits of traders. The exchange allows trading with multiple asset classes and assures a rare 24/7 support policy.

No wonder, experts are especially ga-ga over