Crypto market shows bullish trend- new coins to rise in value in 2019

Crypto market shows bullish trend- new coins to rise in value in 2019

December 25, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

Despite a bearish state for the most part of 2018, the crypto scene finally seems to experiencing a green flush, much to the relief of the crypto investors.

As per the sources, crypto trading will be up by 50% in the coming year. A major reason behind this is rising Bitcoin value. But alongside, the newer tokens too show a promising future ahead.

Bitcoin Cash was created as a hard fork of Bitcoin in 2017. The hard fork was mainly created to speed up the transactions times and that too at a more affordable price than Bitcoin. Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver has been a chief supporter of BCH ever since its inception and has predicted that the coin will double up in value in a year. According to experts, 2019 seems to be a lucky year for Bitcoin Cash and the token is supposed to reach to $2703.17 in 2019 as well as $3,832-$5,635 by 2020.

Another new coin that speaks of rising value in the coming months is EOS. The coin represents a next-gen blockchain infrastructure which is focused on creation of commercial-grade decentralized applications on its portal. The state of the art coin assures millions of TPS while Ethereum shows 20 TPS & Bitcoin 3-4 TPS. Besides, EOS also guarantees elimination of user fees. At present, EOS seems to be trading at something like $1.69. But experts are immensely hopeful about the rise of the coin in 2019. As per market reports, EOS is likely to touch a solid $20 by the coming year.

NEO is also a top favorite among crypto gurus for the coming years. Popularly dubbed as “Chinese Ethereum”, it has been developed with the goal to digitize varied assets as well as to guarantee transactions are performed with smart contracts. At present, NEO is trading at around $5.87. But crypto experts have forecasted NEO’s price will reach up to $120 within the final quarter of 2019. It is likely to reach $200 by 2020 & $450 in the next 5 years.

TIOx by cutting-edge crypto exchange are also in the good-book of crypto experts and is likely to reach up to $3 in 2019.  TIOx is a utility token and raised a huge storm in the crypto scene by launching the biggest ICO of the year back in 2017. The token can be deployed for purchasing new assets, STOs and ICOs on the exchange. has come up with a revolutionary exchange that assures minimal trading fees, blazing-speed executions and full-customizable interface. The company has also founded the first ever liquidity pool in the crypto scene that distributes up till 50% of daily revenue to the participants. All these factors seem to increase the value of TIOx in the coming years.