Top 4 new crypto coins to look out for in 2019

Top 4 new crypto coins to look out for in 2019

December 20, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

Crypto gurus have already come up with their list of most promising coins that are expected to perform well in the coming year, thanks to their state of the art features.

2018 has been a whirlwind year for the crypto market. But despite the strong bearish trends, crypto trading is increasing by leaps and bounds. New coins are being released almost every month and crypto trading is about to rise more than 50% in the coming months. The market experts are extremely hopeful to see a bullish trend sometime soon and there are 4 new crypto coins that they are especially enthusiastic about for 2019.

Crypto pundits are very hopeful of Chinese crypto coin VeChain. Although the coin has carried an under-rated status for the most part of the year, experts have a feeling 2019 in the year when the coin may get its deserved limelight. VeChain is aimed to forward revolutionary supply chain systems for Sino corporate that will help them to bypass counterfeiting.

Another new crypto coin which has won the crypto gurus is LISK.

Developed by next-gen decentralized app creation platform Lisk, the token is all set to make decentralization app creation easier than ever. With the blockchain technology on rise, a lot of entrepreneurs are bustling with ideas to channelize the edgy technology for their business. And for that they will have to create decentralized apps. LISK makes work more convenient for developers by enabling them to use Java for programming the blockchain applications. Moreover, Lisk is constantly adding new upgradations to its platform which means a promising year ahead for LISK users.

XMR coin by Monero steals the show with its futuristic anonymity & untraceability facilities. These two features make it a trusted option for those extremely particular about user privacy. Transactions carried on XMR blockchain are completely untraceable which makes it eventually safer. No wonder, the crypto experts are hopeful of a bright future of the coin. Monero is a promising open-source crypto portal that takes to a premier combo of ring signatures and stealth addresses to skirt all transaction details of users from the outer world.

However, crypto pundits are especially speaking highly of the TIOx token released by revolutionary crypto exchange It’s a utility token that allows users to enjoy seamless transaction of a wide array of digital assets on With TIOx, users can purchase new assets, ICOs on TIOx does not demand any deposit fee and is also equipped with a strict 24/7 support policy. is developed to address the typical problems that we see with regular crypto exchanges. The exchange promises lightning-fast executions, extremely nominal transaction fees and a fully customizable interface for higher user convenience.