The Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Now Accepts Bitcoin

The Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Now Accepts Bitcoin

April 28, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

Over the past few months, some sex workers and escort business have been announcing that they’re accepting crypto for sexual services. Bunny Ranch, owned by Dennis Hof is the latest escort business to make the announcement, saying it allows payments in BTC. Apparently, Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the infamous Nevada licensed brothel began accepting digital coins for sexual services after one sex worker, Lana West, received some thousand dollars in BTC for her intimate services.

The bordello is located in Nevada, a U.S state that allows licensed prostitution so long as it’s done outside Las Vegas’ jurisdiction. The brothel is a well-known destination on Carson City’s outskirts. Dennis Hof and his brothel girls have on several occasions been filmed for HBO’s documentary, the “Cathouse.”

Lana West, a sex worker employed by at the Bunny Ranch exchanged what she termed as some “intimate girlfriend experience” earlier in April. She said that clients could pay for sex services with their credit card, but Bunny Ranch would appear on their statements. The same week, a client inquired whether she’d accept BTC for payment.

In an interview, West details that “a rather tech-savvy, wonderful client came in and offered to buy my services with BTC. Dennis agreed to it, so we executed the transfer of BTC from the client’s wallet to mine.” She proceeds to add that the payment was “a mid-four-figure amount for the intimate girlfriend experience” that lasted for only slightly over an hour. “The client walked out smiling, but he was not aware that we had actually made history,” West quipped.

Crypto Revolutionizing Adult Companionship Services

Dennis Hof’s Nevada brothel isn’t the only escort business to accept digital currency for its services. Recently, Bubble Escorts also announced that it is taking BTC payments for what it referred to as “dream escorts.” On its website, the company proudly displays the BTC logo alongside the business it offers as well as the address to be used in the booking process.

“We’ve taken this decision because of our desire of moving with time and as we have often dedicated ourselves to revolutionizing how clients book escorts,” Bubble Escorts explained. “The popularity of digital currency is growing very fast, and we’re glad that we’re the first escort provider in London to have listened and met the demand.” The company added that they believe that accepting BTC payments is a feature that is going to allow their clients to make payments for adult companionship services most safely and discreetly.”

As noted, sex workers have increasingly been revealing how they’re accepting cryptocurrency as payment for their services. This trend has significantly increased over the past few months. In one Reddit forum where sex workers were discussing the subject, one individual points out that “accepting BTC was the best thing that’s ever been decided.”

Interested individuals can find both male and female escorts accepting crypto payments on a web portal called Adultwork., which was recently shut down by authorities in the U.S, had several ads for escorts accepting BTC payments.