The First Security Token For Space Has Been Announced

The First Security Token For Space Has Been Announced

October 29, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

SpaceFund Inc, the first security token for space has been announced at the Zurich Crypto Summit.

While there are a lot of security token providers who have fractionalized real world assets like real estate tokens from Leaseum Partners and others who have tokenized classic cars, artworks and more, it is for the first time that someone is coming forward to tokenize space.

These security tokens are meant to fund the amazing space startups from across the world.

Rick Tumlinson is the founding partner of SpaceFund.  He has been the co-founder of several major space initiatives.  He is a space industry thought leader.

Issuing security tokens to improve space economic infrastructure is a revolution.  Of note, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and several others are investing billions in developing a space economic infrastructure.  This is not only a giant leap but is a first of a good step in that direction.

The New Space industry is being forwarded by the insider perspective of business leaders, investment experts, and technologists from across the world.

The management team of the company consists of general partners who deal with the administrative aspects of the investment portfolio consisting of dozens of companies that need to be managed, the person who founded the space business plan competition that was longest running, and the leaders in the world of tokenization.

David A. Johnston, the general partner of SpaceFund, stated: “This is a match that has been made to open the heavens.”

By tokenizing venture capital that focuses on space projects a lot of barriers are removed.  Tokenization provides liquidity and diverse exposure to several exciting startups.  These startups will provide the long term support required for these projects to succeed.

Meagan Crawford when talking about security tokens for space stated, “This is the missing piece we needed to solve the NewSpace Financing Puzzle, which is set to connect the world’s capital with those who will be leading us to the new worlds.”

These tokens are made available to accredited investors in the US, to begin with.  These tokens will be working within the guidelines specified by the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) guidelines.  After the development of International legal frameworks, SpaceFund Security tokens will expand in order to issue security tokens to investors from around the world.

Smart Valor, will be helping with the knowledge required to reach a broad investor base from across the world.  Since the entire process will comply with regulations, the fastest path to securing investments from across the globe will be soon established.

SpaceFund will be bridging the gap between Digital Finance and NewSpace.  Liquidity, smart contract, and the simplicity of security tokens will be combined in helping people reach the stars.