Blockchain Technology Strengthening the Dentistry Sector

Blockchain Technology Strengthening the Dentistry Sector

October 14, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

Dentistry and blockchain have crossed paths finally. Last 2017, people have seen lots of attention directed to the crypto market and the blockchain tech connected with them. Just recently, Dentacoin released a blockchain ideal made for the global dentistry industry. It’s a company to ICO which is related to the dentistry field. In this post, we’ll discuss the potential applications of blockchain could have in dentistry sector.

To make it short, the blockchain is an emergent list of digital transaction hidden by cryptography to make it secure. For instance, using Google, that growing list of digital transactions couldn’t be altered easily and is shared from peer-to-peer instead of peer-to-centralized. In a nutshell, when you send an email to your friend, it goes to Google server before it arrives at your friend. Through blockchain, you deliver an encrypted email straight to your friend via a network following a specific protocol, avoiding the Google server.

Here’s how blockchain can help in the field of dentistry.


If you are a practicing dentist, you might keep strict records of biomaterials which you use on every patient. Understanding the origin and making a verifiable tracking record which is incontrovertible is especially important in the dental sector for many reasons.

For example, when there was a record on the biomaterial because of the bad patient reaction, you would require to pinpoint the issue in the supply chain. Then, the supply chain begins from raw materials and advances through different phases before it becomes the ultimate product.


The healthcare sector deals with valuable information about big groups of patients on a regular basis. It is no secret that dental/medical insurance companies and hospitals have been targets of cybercriminals for a while.

You see: cybersecurity has been the trending topic within the community of healthcare. Along with servers being attacked on a regular basis, safeguarding the information of the patient is of the main priority among healthcare providers. The capability to send information quickly, and secure with blockchain tech could be the solution for communication with health providers.


Did you know that insurance clearinghouses are the intermediary of the transaction among the insurance company and the health provider? If a health provider delivers a claim for a procedure, the clearinghouse gets the claim initially, scrubs, confirms, arranges, and submits the claim directly to the insurance payer. Confirming and arranging a claim avoids processing errors.

Moreover, often health providers software isn’t compatible along with the insurance payers software. Thus, a clearinghouse would scrub the claim and will make it well-matched for the payer.

One blockchain technology which can help the dentistry sector is XinFin. The concept itself is advanced and solves a lot of challenges which public or private network for enterprise use cases of the blockchain. Their hybrid blockchain technology best combines the best features of the private and public state of the technology.

It is exciting about what blockchain can do for the industry of dentistry and the new advancements it might bring.