Fintech and Proptech Enterprises Populate Real Estate Tokens

Fintech and Proptech Enterprises Populate Real Estate Tokens

October 13, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

Alex Mascioli, CEO of Quantreq Capital Markets in the past stated that it is important to have crypto funds trading platforms that can automatically extract real-time data of transfers, balance, and fee in a fully automated fashion.  He further reinstated that such a facility is a necessity.

Forbes recently reported that blockchain technology is slowly finding entry into every walk of our lives.  The technology is improving efficiency, liquidity, and transparency in financial transactions than ever before.

The publication reported that Security Tokens will make it possible for retail investors to by globally recognized real estate assets in the form of a digital real estate token that is SEC approved, completely liquid and transparent.

Blockchain technology is the most talked of technology of late.  This is one of the biggest enterprise opportunity, and it will soon be involved in all kinds of real estate transactions. The blockchain will soon be hailed to be one of the five great inventions in human history.

Of note, on a larger scale, New York City Real Estate Coin (NYCREC) will be issued as a tokenized property fund.  They are starting off with their security token offering in Q4 2018.

Mr. Mascioli has a great hand of experience in matters related to, “crypto funds, fund set up, onboarding, fees, valuations, treasury banking, digital asset custody, accounting and financial reporting and more.”

At present Quantreq is administering more than $1 billion of crypto fund assets.  They have connectivity with more than 15 exchanges from across the world. <strong>Leaseum Partners</strong> offering security tokens for real estate assets based in New York allied with Quantreq to launch their real estate tokens.

Real estate is the largest investment markets in the world.  With real estate being the major store of wealth that represents a majority of the total global GDP, the world real estate value has been reported to be $280 trillion USD. This being the great place to implement technology, security tokens, and real estate tokens are advancing the real estate trends via Fintech and Proptech enterprises. It is predicted that by 2025 a majority of the global assets will be tokenized and will be made sellable peer-to-peer without the interference of REITs, Banks or Financial Intermediaries.

Quantreq is a capital marketing firm who administer cryptocurrency funds.  They provide with cryptocurrency hedge fund administration services for institutions. They provide cryptocurrency market data and also pricing services.  Their services also include aggregated exchange portfolio management and risk analytics along with agency OTC order-flow execution.  They help achieve AML/KYC compliance as a part of investor services and provide for external reporting and capital introduction.