What Makes Blockchain Technology an Innovation in the Food Safety

What Makes Blockchain Technology an Innovation in the Food Safety

October 12, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

Have you ever thought about the “travel steps” required for food to arrive at your plates? We are discussing here before you purchase it in grocery or off it off a menu. The majority of people wanted more information about where their food comes from. That’s because we wish to make wise foods choices. That kind of data is also crucial in the arena of food safety.

Food gets tracked from its source to the period it arrives your local market, restaurant or grocery store. The capability to track every “footstep of food” precisely is a vital factor in food safety. A new technology known as blockchain is seeking to bring food traceability to another level.

Introducing Blockchain

Blockchain talks about the technology which can be utilized to track and monitor several foods within the supply chain. It involves collecting data from “gate to plate” or “farm to fork.” It involves all the steps need to generate and sell all the foods you enjoy. That new technology can assist in food recalls, determining possible introduction of foodborne diseases – causing chemicals, viruses, and bacteria. It also helps the fight from food waste.

Food Safety and Blockchain

In the food supply chain, a plethora of types of food can exchange hands ten times or more among the place of origin and the end point of the food. As of now, the US FDA needs every process in the supply chain to have a record for one step back and one step forward in the supply chain. While this data is helpful, it can often make it hard to guarantee reliable and exact records throughout the whole chain. That’s because it does not capture the whole procedure.

Apart from that, blockchain technology might be able to efficiently trace and abolish the contaminated foods which often result in foodborne disease outbreaks, while the present practices result in surplus food waste. Today, in the case of an outburst, we attempt to isolate the particular field and lot number which might be causing disease. Plus, every food which might be tainted has to be pulled from shelves or recollected.

Why Might Blockchain Technology Make Us Happy?

Blockchain tech can help in tracking food foundations in cases of foodborne disease, controlling food waste and detecting food fraud. The great thing about blockchain is how much it will maintain food supply transparency to consumers. With this kind of information at your hands, you could know everything regarding a grocery store banana from plantation to the shopping cart.

One blockchain which will play a massive role in simplifying the food supply chain is XinFin. It’s a permissioned blockchain that denotes every party concerned in the sector has as much information as possible, regarding the goods which are moving through the blockchain.

People might need to wait for a while for blockchain technology to rule over the food supply chain around the world. However, the wait might be valuable it makes the food much safer and lower waste. Along with an increasing population around the planet, the reliability of the food chain is the answer.