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September 22, 2021

Grain commodity futures’ ended mostly higher on Friday’s session, as Wheat and Soybean rose, while Corn ended flat.

grain's futures

Grain commodity futures’ ended mostly higher on Friday’s session, as Wheat and Soybean rose through the session and ended higher due to stronger exports. Meanwhile, Corn ended flat.

According to the newest updates from the United States Drought Monitor, the drought that affected the United States continued to reduce for the seventh consecutive week. Furthermore, expected rains through the central U.S. will reduce drought through the upcoming days.

On the energy front, WTI Oil prices eased on Friday’s session to trade 74.27 USD per barrel and currently trading lower for 73.84 USD a barrel at 6:50 GMT.

Moreover, Brent Oil declined on Friday to trade at 83.98 USD a barrel and currently trading lower to trade at 83.53 USD per barrel at 6:50 GMT after Washington said it may grant waivers to sanctions against Iran next month.



CBOT Wheat December futures were trading higher on Friday’s trading session to end the session at 5.20-1/4 USD per bushel, and currently trading at 5.21-1/4 USD per bushel at 6:50 GMT.

In France, the country’s 2018/2019 soft Wheat crop as of the first of October fell by one percent from the same time last year, which was 6 percent planted.

Ukraine’s Wheat exports for its 2018/2019 marketing year reached 227.8 million bushels as of the fourth of October, however, 56 percent of that total is milling Wheat.

Initial volume estimates fell from Thursday’s trading session of 83,676 CBOT contracts to read 73,149 CBOT contracts on Friday’s session.



CBOT Corn December futures ended the trading session flat on Friday due to some technical maneuvering and concerns that rains across the central of U.S. will reduce harvest. CBOT Corn futures ended Friday’s session at 3.68 USD per bushel and currently trading lower at 3.65-3/4 USD at 6:50 GMT

France’s 2018 Corn harvest was 21 percent last week. However, it advanced to reach 42 percent completion this week, as of the first of October.

In Ukraine, the country’s Corn exports for 2018/2019 marketing year reached 63 million bushels since the fourth of October.

Initial volume estimates advanced moderately from Thursday’s final count of 209,264 CBOT contracts to read 272,757 CBOT contracts on Friday’s count.



CBOT Soybean November futures rose on Friday’s session boosted by weather-related harvest delays to end the session at 8.69-1/2 USD per bushel, while currently trading higher at 8.70-1/4 USD per bushel at 6:50 GMT

The sale of 134,000 metric ton of Soybean cake and Meal exports were reported by private exporters for the delivery to the Philippines during the 2018/2019 marketing year, which began on October the first.

According to the consultancy Safras & Mercado, the Brazilian Soybean farmers have already made forward sales of 27.3 percent of their 2018/2019 crop, which was higher than last year of 14.1 percent.

Preliminary volume estimates were moderately higher than Thursday’s count of 179,681 contracts to read 210,545 CBOT contracts on Friday’s final count.

Ali Hwary

Ali Hwary

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